Nepal boating trip information to know water sports boating in Nepal

An outdoor activities the best boat tours in Nepal at top rivers and lakes of Nepal

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Nepal boating trip information to know water sports boating in Nepal

Fresh water boating tour in Nepal
I will try to make you clear about Nepal boat tours and boating in Nepal with its possibilities for tourism in Nepal. Wherever there are rivers or lakes boating facilities are made. Tourists enjoy boating in Phewa lake in Pokhara and other rivers of Nepal. It is an activity that mostly starts and ends in the same place. Boating is different from cruising as this is done in smaller vessels and usually ends with one day. There is usually no special accommodation in the vessels used for boating in Nepal.

Top boating in Nepal with local
Nepal has no scarcity of water bodies. There are several rivers and lakes in the Himalayan nation that are worth traversing by boat. There are around two hundred lakes in Nepal which are of glacial or tectonic origin.
Pokhara which is a lush valley with the majestic Annapurna as the background has many lakes that offer boat trips. These boats can be hired for a full day. The lakes offer you a great view of the lush green surrounding with the mountains looming all around you.
Boating in rivers are also available in Nepal but are mostly done during the months of October to February when the skies are clear, and the mountains cast their shadows on the rivers in Nepal.

The best locations for boating in Nepal

There are five famous lakes for Nepal boating trip. The Phewa, Begnas and Rupa lakes are most popular and are in Pokhara. The Narayani and Rapti rivers are in the Chitwan area.
Pokhara is a famous place for many outdoor activities in Nepal. Being the gateway for the trekking trips in the Annapurna circuit, Pokhara attracts a large number of tourists. Though the majority of the tourists come here to engage in trekking, there are many of them who will relax a day with boating in Nepal.

Pokhara has three lakes that offer boating facilities Phewa, Begnas and Rupa Tal. Phewa is the most favorite boating spots in Nepal. It is the second largest lake and measures roughly around 1.5 km by 4 km. The eastern shore of the lake known popularly as Lakeside or Baidam is a very popular tourist spot of Nepal.

At Phewa, you have a choice of pedal boats, rowboats and sailboats. The sailboats are a recent thing. If the breeze is good you can have a good ride on the sailboats. Boats can be hired on an hourly basis or for the full day. You can also hire a person to row the boat for you while you enjoy the beautiful view of the Annapurna ranges.

Boating tours Nepal offer combined packages of boating and wildlife safari sighting in the Chitwan Nepal.
I think this information helps you to plan boating in Nepal trip in future. If you need even more information about fresh water fishing and boating in Nepal contact local adventure company Kathmandu Nepal to get the cheap and best fishing and boating package in Nepal.

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