Need to know the procedure how to get international debit card in Nepal

Requirements & procedure to apply prepaid visa international credit card in Nepal

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Need to know the procedure how to get international debit card in Nepal

A debit card is very useful when you are traveling. An international debit card allows you to pay for whatever you buy abroad. It can also be used in ATMs to withdraw cash. The international debit cards issued by Visa and Master are accepted almost everywhere in the world for payment for merchandise and also for withdrawal of cash.

Getting an international debit card in Nepal

Nepali citizens or foreigners who have a dollar account can get an international debit card. There are some conditions with regard to the minimum amount to be maintained in the dollar account. Most of the commercial banks in Nepal that issue the international debit card in Nepal. Some banks issue visa international debit card some issues a master international debit card from Nepal.
All these banks charge an annual fee and a joining fee for issuing the international debit card in Nepal. These cards are very useful for people who are traveling abroad. These cards can be carried instead of carrying bulk cash.

Another major advantage is that you need not exchange money for local currency. When you withdraw money at ATMs using the international debit cards, you will get the local currency of that country where ever you are.
The International debit cards are also issued for Nepalese citizens who are traveling abroad, other than India, for their expenses in that country. This will be issued on the submission of a valid visa and conformed ticket. These people should be eligible to get dollar exchange facility from the Nepal Rastra Bank.

How to get international debit card in Nepal
It is very simple for those who maintain a dollar convertible current or savings account in any of the above banks. This is applicable to both Nepalese citizens and foreigners.

Things to take care with debit card & international Mastercard in Nepal

A debit card of any bank can be used only if there is sufficient balance in your account. This is applicable to both international and other debit cards. Those who travel abroad should take care to see that enough balance is maintained in their account to take care of all their expenses when they are abroad.
If in case the card is lost or stolen, they should immediately inform the bank and get the card blocked. Otherwise, it can be misused even though it is protected by PIN number. Customers must keep the card with them very carefully.
I think this article helps all concern to the procedure, requirements and eligibility to apply for international master card from Nepal or international debit card in Nepal. Still you have any question and confusion regarding the ways to get international debit card in Nepal consult nearest top level commercial bank.