Nature therapy acupressure service in Nepal at acupressure clinic Nepal

Best acupressure treatment in Nepal with place to buy acupressure kit in Nepal

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Nature therapy acupressure service in Nepal at acupressure clinic Nepal

Information about acupressure therapy in Nepal
Are you in searching a acupressure service center in Nepal? No worry there are some clinic to get the best acupressure therapy in Nepal Kathmandu. The acupressure therapy in Nepal makes use of touch in order to get the energy points on the body surface in order to connect it with the energy flow hence relieving the pain or treating the disease or disorder the patient is suffering from.

Acupressure health care system Nepal
Acupressure therapy is a treatment procedure that involves the relieving of different types of diseases and pain in the body through a technique that involves the use of touch or fingers. This therapy in Nepal entails the art of exerting firm pressure on the different human body points which are linked with the immune system.
The acupressure treatment method relieves the body from pain and heals the existing disorder in addition to relaxing the body and preventing the body from catching any other diseases. This treatment method has been in existence for more than five thousand years.

Definition of acupressure
Acupressure is the treatment procedure that involves firmly exerting pressure on a specific area of the body muscle with the aim of healing or relieving the pain in that region through regulating the energy flow in the body. The word “Acu” translates to needle while “pressure” refers to heaviness.
The term acupressure is therefore used to mean putting force in a specific muscle of the body that is giving needle like pain. The pressure exerted on the muscles should be regulated to match the patients convenience. The best acupressure service in Nepal is given naturally which is why there are no side effects experienced after treatment.

History invention
This treatment method is mainly associated with the Chinese medicine. The procedure was first invented in India after which it ceased to exist for a while. In the present day acupressure is associated with many treatments types like meridian, sujok therapy and reflexology.
The sujok therapy treatment was invented by the Koreans, Meridian by the Chinese and Reflexology by the Americans. All the three types are forms of acupressure but performed in different methods.

Types of acupressure
Initially the method was referred to as Jhonology when it was first invented in America. It was later simplified and called reflexology by Madam Yuni Singam who first invented this acupressure technique. Reflexology is divided into four main types namely ear, face, hand and foot reflexology.

Meridian Therapy
This treatment therapy applies the concept of energy flow in the body instead of circulation of blood. The pressure points used are located on the fingertips, elbow, toes and knees. Pressure is applied on these points which are linked to various body organs in order to relive pain or cure a disorder.

I think after reading this post you are clear about acupressure & nature therapy in Nepal. If you wants to buy acupressure kit in Nepal then consult Acupressure health care system suppliers in Nepal. Fell the relief with acupressure treatment with best acupressure service in Nepal.

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