Name of the most beautiful Nepali girl those become miss Nepal

Hot Nepali models list of miss Nepal titleholders from the beginning to now

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Name of the most beautiful Nepali girl those become miss Nepal

How many hot Nepali models become miss Nepal
Nepal is no doubt a country of beautiful girls. The people charged with finding Miss Nepal usually have a very hard time narrowing down to a few girls and finally picking one of them as the winner because the number of beautiful girls in this country is extremely huge.
One of the reasons why Nepal girls are beautiful is because they are bold. For you to be beautiful, you have to be bold. And that, in most cases, is the perfect description of most Nepal girls. Nepal girls are second to none when it comes to giving the impressing of being a smart, strong and independent person.

Qualities that define the most beautiful girl
Beautiful girls, especially those who have a chance to become Miss Nepal, must have some unique qualities beyond their long legs, bewitching curves, perfectly formed face and eyes, and reasonable height. A Nepal girl who has a chance to wear the crown of the most beautiful Nepal girl must be discipline, gracious and humble. Fortunately, almost all Nepal girls possess these qualities thanks to Nepal’s rich culture.
A beautiful girl must have a code of ethics in her life. As a beautiful girl, you need to have very strong morals and integrity. Furthermore, beautiful Nepal girl needs to have a strong personality. Otherwise, answering the questions directed at her might not be easy. As you know, when you become Miss Nepal, you will have to take any question directed at you as Nepal’s representative.

Beautiful Nepal girls are those that enjoy the process of learning. After all, Miss Nepal is a platform where Nepal girls go through vigorous training that turns them into butterflies.
Most beautiful girls in Nepal and in any other part of the world are those who are real and genuine in every way. You don’t have to wear hills or make up. You also don’t have to have hair, or expensive outfit. It is always all about who you are, and not how you represent yourself. It’s all about being yourself. In fact, you are more likely to be crowned the most beautiful girl in Nepal if you are satisfied with yourself.

List of miss Nepal titleholders from the beginning to now

Year – Miss Nepal – Address – Age – Education
1994: Ruby Rana – Birgunj – 20 – IA
1995: Sumi Khadka – Kathmandu – 18 – Flight Attendant
1996: Poonam Ghimire – Kathmandu – 23 – Nursing
1997: Neelima Gurung – Pokhara – 19 – +2
1997: Jharana Bajracharya – Kathmandu – 16 – +2
1998: Jyoti Pradhan – Kathmandu – 19 – ISC
1998: Niru Shrestha – Kathmandu – 19 – Pilot
1999: Shewta Singh – Kathmandu – 19 – Intermediate
2000: Usha Khadgi – Birgunj – 20 – BA
2002: Malvika Subba – Dharan – 21 – BBA
2003: Priti Sitoula – Kathmandu – 22 – BA
2004: Payal Shakya – Kathmandu – 18 – +2
2005: Sugarika KC – Lalitpur – 19 – BSC
2007: Sitashma Chand – Lalitpur – 23 – Graduation
2009: Zenisha Moktan – Kathmandu – 20 – BBS
2010: Sadichha Shrestha – Kathmandu – 19 – BBS
2011: Malina Joshi Dharan – 23 – BBA
2012: Shristi Shrestha – Chitwan – 23 – Nursing
2013: Ishani Shrestha – Kathmandu – 21 – Nursing
2014: Subin Limbu Dharan – Sunsari – 23 – BA
2015: Evana Manandhar – Kathmandu – 23 – BBA
2016: Asmi Shrestha – Chitwan – 22 – BBA
2017: Nikita Chandak – Urlabari – 20 – BA
2018: Shrinkhala Khatiwada – Hetauda – 22 – B.Arch

Updated list of most beautiful Nepali girls those that become miss Nepal.

Expectations of beautiful girls
Beautiful girls, especially those who have the potential of becoming Miss Nepal should not just be beautiful and smart, but should also be competent, and have the right attitude for the Miss World pageant. As you will be taking over from the former beauty queen, you must be ready and able to keep their legacy alive.

History Of Miss Nepal Contest
The pageant was started in the year 1994. From 1997 on wards there have been two titles which were awarded as Miss Nepal and Miss World Nepal. From 1998 the winners of Miss Nepal title were sent to the Miss World contest. The first runner-up was sent to the Miss Asia Pacific competition. From 2018 the pageant has made a revolutionary change in which all the four top winners are on equal status with no runner-up being declared.

Many Nepali models become Miss Nepal in the annual pageant. Any Nepali citizen who is aged between 19 and 25 can participate in the Miss Nepal competition. The participant has to necessarily be an unmarried female. The minimum educational qualification for participating in the pageant is 10+2 or equivalent. They must be at least 5 feet and 4 inches tall. A one-month training program prepares them for the competition.
I think given list of most beautiful Nepal girl those that become miss Nepal helps you to know all about miss Nepal titleholders from the beginning to now.