Lukla Airport code runway of world’s most dangerous airport Lukla Nepal

Tenzing - Hillary airport Lukla Nepal is a most extreme airports in the world

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Lukla Airport code runway length of world’s most dangerous airport Lukla Nepal

Where is Lukla airport located
The Name of Lukla airport is Tenzing Hillary Airport. It famed widely as Lukla airport because it is in Lukla village of Solukhumbu district in Nepal. LUA is the airport code of Tenzing Hillary Airport. It is situated at the elevation of 2,860 meters / 9383 feet above sea level.
Many of us may not know about this airport, but for trekkers, this airport is very familiar. They know they have to landing and takeoff from one of the world’s most dangerous airports before and after Everest base camp trek.

How to get to Lukla airport
Lukla is one of the small towns of Nepal. It is most popular gateway to go to see the Mount Everest in the Himalayas. There are regular flights between Kathmandu to and from Lukla mainly in the morning time. Kathmandu to Lukla flight duration is about 32 to 35 minute flight with small aircraft. This airport is very popular because this is where people land when they go on a trek to Mount Everest base camp south NepalTenzing - Hillary airport Lukla Nepal is a most extreme airports in the world
The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla includes dodging mountains and praying there will be visibility to land at Lukla Nepal. Lukla doesn’t have any radar system and pilots depend on voice instructions from the ground air traffic controller.

History of Lukla airport
The Lukla Airport was constructed in 1964 by Edmund Hillary one of the first to reach the peak of Mt. Everest. Though he intended to construct the airport at a better place, due to non-availability of land he had to construct this airport in such a dangerous place.

When was lukla airport build & paved.
Lukla airport open in the year of 1964. The runway was paved only in 2001. In the year 2008, the airport was named as Tenzing Hillary Airport in honor of the two people who were the first people to reach the peak of the Everest.

Facility in Lukla airport & is lukla airport dangerous
Frequently cancellation due to the weather, long waiting, flight cannot fly on time are the main fun facilities of this airport. The world’s most dangerous airport Lukla Nepal,Lukla Airport code runway length of world's most dangerous airport Lukla Nepal despite being so dangerous is a busy airport. Especially during the trekking season March to may in spring and September to December in Autumn. Almost anyone who treks to the Everest base camp or the peak itself lands here to start their trek.

Alternatively trekkers start Mount Everest base amp trek Nepal from Phaplu, Salleri, Jiri, Shivalaya, Tumlingtar etc. No matter from where they start trekking in Nepal they have to fly to Kathmandu after trip from Lukla airport.

How long is the Runway of Lukla airport
There are so many factors that make Lukla airport is one of the most extreme in the world. Runway of Tenzing Hillary Airport one among of them. Lukla airport Nepal runway length is 527 meters / 1,729 feet & 30 meters / 98 feet width & 11.7% gradient. Experience Nepalese pilots are very confidence to landing and takeoff from this airport very smoothly. Only helicopters and small fixed-wing aircraft’s can land here. current conditions of this airport is fine safe for landing. Tara, Summit and Sita airlines operate the regular flight.

Despite all these dangers people who fly to Lukla cannot miss the beauty the surrounds you as you fly into this airport. Trekkers keep flying into Lukla unmindful of the dangers. because after landing at this airport most waited dream trip from your bucket list begins to become true. I think given article helps you to know all information about Lukla airport  Nepal.

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