Luggage shop travel bag price in Nepal to buy vip suitcase in Nepal

Trolley bag showroom with luggage price in Nepal to buy travel bags in Nepal

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Luggage shop travel bag price in Nepal to buy vip suitcase in Nepal

Tips to buy large size travel bags in Nepal online
The vip travel suitcase in Nepal is the best option among the many ways to carry luggage while travelling. It is not difficult to find the travel bags in Nepal these days. Many online shopping sites make easy to select perfect luggage from the different brands. When you talk about travel luggage in Asia the one name that stands out is VIP which is the largest seller in the continent. It is also the second largest luggage seller in the world. VIP acquired the world-famous Carlton International Plc of UK in 2004. Beside that Samsonite and American Tourister Nepal are quite popular.

Luggage trolley bag or a suitcase is essential for travel anywhere. For most people suitcase in Nepal will refer to VIP which has made a name for itself in the country.
History of Suitcases
Before the advent of suitcases, as we know them now, people carried metal trunks which were most suited because of their durability. Travel was mostly by steamers and coaches and these trunks were best for those type of travels. However, they were not easy to carry around.
In the early nineties, cardboard suitcases made their appearance. It was only as late as in 1960 that the first wheeled suitcase came into existence. However, they were not very popular. In 1970 Bernard Shaw the owner of a luggage manufacturing company made the first four-wheeled suitcase which could be pulled by a leather strip.
In 1987 the first vertically rolled suitcase with telescopic handles was made. After that, there was no stopping the luggage industry. Many kinds of travel luggage are being manufactured and sold across the world.

Price list of different brands travel suitcase in Nepal

01: VIP travel suitcase in Nepal price start from Rs 3500
02: Samsonite luggage price in Nepal start from Rs
03: American tourister Nepal price start from Rs 6500
04: Luggage trolley bag price in Nepal start from Rs 11500 (cat)
05: Charlton black suitcase price in Nepal start from Rs 5500
06: Kamiliant suitcase price in Nepal start from Rs 5000
07: North face wheeled Suitcase price in Nepal start from Rs 24000

Modern Suitcases
Today, suitcases are available in a variety of sizes and fashions. There are even suitcases which can be tracked by remote devices. The latest in the suitcase technology is a suitcase which will follow the owner without being pulled.
If you look at the VIP travel bag Nepal has all the latest models available in many stores. VIP is one of the leading sellers of bags in Nepal. VIP launched their range of suitcases in Nepal in the year 2005.

Tips to Buy Travel Suitcases
There are certain things to check when you buy a travel suitcase. The most important things are the wheels. It is better to buy one with four wheels and which will rotate 360 degrees. This will help you wheel the suitcase beside you or in front of you. Check the wheels properly to ensure that they are fixed firmly. They shouldn’t be shaking.
The zippers are another important part of a suitcase. You don’t want them to be stuck during your travel abroad. When you are trying to buy the best suitcase in Nepal, go for the one with metal zippers. They are more durable and smooth in operation. See that the handles are firm and the telescopic handles work smoothly.

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After reading tips, advice and cot of different brands of travel bags in Nepal you are mentally prepare to select and by the best travel suitcase in Nepal. Technology make easy for you these days you can luggage & suitcases online at best price in Nepal. Vip and other travel suitcase are not suitable for Everest base camp trek, trekkers have to have backpack or duffel bag to carry the luggage and day pack for you to carry daily stuff . Trekking agency arrange porters to carry your luggage during trekking period. Find best backpack for Everest base camp trek and daypack size information in this link.

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