Local travel agency Kathmandu for Himalayan trekking in Nepal

Nepal Himalayan trekking tours packages for Himalaya trekking in Nepal

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Local travel agency Kathmandu for Himalayan trekking in Nepal

Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya travel guide
The major inflow of tourists that come into the mountainous country of Nepal is for the Himalayan trekking in Nepal. It is this activity that brings many people from all over the world to this small country sandwiched between India and China. Reaching the tallest peak in the world, Mt. Everest, is a dream that every trekker has.
There are few trekking routes that are quite popular with the climbers. Trekking in Nepal is also being promoted in a big way by the government while also ensuring that there is no big damage to the environment and the mountains.

Best trekking seasons in Nepal

The best season for Himalayan trekking in Nepal is between and December. After the rains, the skies are clear offering a great view of the various peaks. The temperature is moderate and there is not much snowfall. March to early June is another season when the flowers will be in full bloom and it will be quite a sight to see. However, in the lower regions, the temperature will be warm at this time of the year.
The rainy months of June, July and August are suitable for trekking in the Mustang regions which is in the rain shadow region of the Himalayas.

Popular trekking routes in Nepal

The most popular trekking route is the Everest base camp trekking. Most people who come to Nepal opt for this route. You will come face to face with Mt. Everest in this trekking route.Local travel agency Kathmandu for Himalayan trekking in Nepal This will usually take about 12 to 13 days to complete. The maximum elevation you will reach is 5,545 meters / 18,192 feet at Kala Patthar.
Most of the good travel agency Kathmandu has will offer a package that includes flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, the stay in guesthouses or tea houses on the trekking route and other facilities. You will have to pay for your food during the trekking.
The next most popular trekking route is the Annapurna Circuit. The highest altitude you will touch in this route is at Thorong La Pass at 5416 meters / 17,769 feet. There are guesthouses and lodges on the way. This trek offers a great diversity in altitudes. beside that there so many other trekking in Nepal check popular trekking routes listed below.

List of Himalayan trekking region in Nepal

01: Kanchenjunga trek in Nepal                          02: Makalu trekking in Nepal
03: Everest trekking in Nepal                              04: Rolwaling trekking in Nepal
05: Langtang trekking in Nepal                           06: Manaslu trekking in Nepal
07: Annapurna trekking in Nepal                        08: Dhaulagiri trekking in Nepal
09: Dolpo trekking in Nepal 

Local travel agency Kathmandu Nepal

Most of the local travel agency Kathmandu has will offer you pick-up from the airport and will take care of all your travel during the full trekking trip. They will obtain the necessary permits for you which you will pay the fees. They will also send porters and guides to accompany you. The number of guides and porters will change according to the travel agency and the price you are paying for the package.

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I think now you are clear about Himalayan trekking Nepal regions and popular packages. if you have any more question and confusion consult trekking agencies of Kathmandu Nepal. Most of the travelers visit Nepal for Everest base camp trek let’s check How to get to Everest base camp, check how can we go to Mount Everest, its difficulty and requirements.

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