Local transport buses taxis motorbikes planes to getting around Nepal

Do you know how to getting around Nepal check the best way to get around Nepal

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Local transport buses taxis motorbikes planes to getting around Nepal

Available transportation in Nepal
There are different types of means of transportation available to getting around Nepal. The best ways to get around Nepal are by the use of the Tourists bus, taxis, and public transportation. Local transport buses taxis motorbikes planes to getting around Nepal If you are travelling first time in Nepal alone, then it is quite complicated to use the local public transportation without any knowledge of route.
You can ask the local to identify the route to visit the tourist attractions of Nepal. There are lots of traffic problem in Kathmandu valley. Driving road is narrow and is not best quality. It is heavily affected by the different reason including the earthquake, monsoon and unplanned development process.
During the road repeating time travelers have to wait for while, hrs or even have to stock on road full day. Prepare mentally nothing goes on exact time in Nepal you have to have few hours and days reserve while travelling to Nepal.

List of the best way to get around Nepal

Local bus transportation to get around Nepal
Getting around Kathmandu and Pokhara city is very easy with local bus transportation. You can met English speaking people in city area to ask about. It is better to have a city map to travel around Nepal easily. If you wants to go beyond these city you have to use the express bus transportation from place to place. You can travel around Nepal with local bus with the local people to get an amazing experience.

Night bus, express, inside and outside valley
There are regular tourist bus service to reach the popular touristic destinations of Nepal like Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini. You will get the night or day for long route from New bus park. Tourist don’t have to pay extra for luggage. During long bus journey bushes stop in between for meals and tea breaks. There are not any express or nonstop buses in Nepal but you can see that the write express in front or side.

Taxi, Jeep
Taxi and Jeep hiring service available in different cities of Nepal. Travelers can use rented car or jeep according to their requirements but it is quite expensive for budget or solo traveler. It is 100% secure and stress free for visitors because they can stop as per the requirements and comfort. Taxis are an ideal and economical way to commute and majority of visitors make use of them.

Hire a motorbike or Bicycle
Motorbikes and cycling are the easiest and most popular form of local transportation used. The bikes can be hired mainly at Kathmandu and Pokhara area for certain hours to days long.

By flight
Main touristic city as well the gate way to Everest base camp trek the Lukla airport connected with air transportation in Nepal. Travelers get around by flight also. Everest express mountain flight available from Kathmandu airport to observe the high Himalayan range from Aircraft.

Walk around
Nepal is one of the poor and developing country, transportation service available only in city areas of Nepal. many tourist from around the world visit for trekking in Nepal. Walking around city area as well as the remote mountain area provides lifetime experience by observing its place and people. You can explore whole lake side in Pokhara by walking similarly Thamel, Kathmandu durbar square and major attraction of Kathmandu Nepal.

Problem of public transportation
There are many problem in public transportation in Nepal which is listed below that helps all travelers to prepare mentally to tackle the situation.
# Local transportation give the exact time to leave on ticket but they never depart on time.
# Buses / micro bushes stops many time where passengers are picked up or dropped off added
# Local buses are not well mention the can broke on the way but the fixed issue within few hours.
# They top for Lunch and tea breaks many time it waste valuable time.
# Compared to the local buses the tourist buses have much less stops or breaks but difficult to on desired time.
# The buses only leave the bus stage once they are full and not before which might take quite some time.

Given options are the best way to get around Nepal. I think Now you know how to get around Nepal. If you need travel arrangements consult local travel agency Nepal, trekking agency Nepal, tour operator Nepal or international travel agents Kathmandu Nepal.

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