List of top 10 gas company in Nepal best into the lp gas industries of Nepal

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List of top 10 gas company in Nepal best into the lp gas industries of Nepal

There are many gas factory in Nepal that supply hp cooking gas all over Nepal. Most of the gas company have their own industrial area for refilling the gas cylinder. All of them import cooking gas from India under Nepal Oil Corporation.
Each company have very good network dealership to sell the cooking gas cylinder in city area. These days hp gas users increasing in the village area too. Gas Company in Nepal using ISI standard of cylinders. They are certified and tested by the Indian Bureau of Standards and Nepal standard as approved by the Explosive Department of Nepal/India.
Nepal gas industries have their own automatic plant of bottling, testing stands in an industrial environment at its premises. It is operated by technicians well experienced those company have no plant they are working with the cooperation of another plants.
Here is the list of top 10 gas company in Nepal selected according to the experience of house wife and selling ratio in the market.

List of gas industries of Nepal

01: Nepal gas
02: Koshi gas
03: Lumbini gas
04: Baba gas
05: STC gas
06: Subhidha gas
07: Sai baba gas
08: Manoj gas
09: Trishakti gas
10: Ttrishul gas

Among of these Nepal gas is a history of gas industries in Nepal. it started first gas factory in Nepal inside the Balaju Industrial area of Kathmandu. It offers capacity with sufficient storage, thereby offering other activities and best gas services. Nepal gas is the first choice of all house wife’s in Kathmandu.
Nepal Gas plant has processes and devices for testing the reliability of cylinders and the advantage is that its weight is net refilled and pressure is checked thoroughly always prior to making it to the consumers. NGI assures 5 kg net and 14.2 kg content gas in the cylinders filled from the company. The best part of Nepal gas is that it has bottling advanced system.
Most of the Gas Company in Nepal has Nepal standard of certification is provided as Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology. But service standers and quality is not so high, its satisfactory. Nepal LP Gas Industry Association is the umbrella foundation of gas factory holder of Nepal.
It is not possible to select all gas factory in between top 10 list. If you find some other gas factory better then listed above do not forget to maintain in comment box. We will make research and update the detail of new gas factory of Nepal. I think given List of Gas Company in Nepal or gas industries of Nepal helps you to select the best one for your kitchen.