List of top 10 commercial banks in Nepal their role authority function

How many commercial banks in Nepal with history & paid up capital of top 10 banks in Nepal

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List of top 10 commercial banks in Nepal their role authority function

List of banks in Nepal
Banks in any country performs the role of backbone in financial sector. Either if it is matter of transaction, dealing with some in business or matter of savings, banks perform the vital role in the economy of any country. There are about more than 28 banks in Nepal but only these commercial banks in Nepal have got place in our list of top 10 commercial banks in Nepal. Check the top commercial banks of Nepal and the paid up capital of commercial banks in Nepal.

List of top 10 commercial banks in Nepal

01: Nepal Investment Bank
Nepal Investment Bank was established in 1986, firstly known as Nepal Indousuez Bank Limited. The bank was established under the joint investment of French company and Nepali investors.
Paid up capital Rs 10626435700

02: Global IME Bank
Global IME Bank bank was established in 2007 and was the first regional commercial bank in Nepal. The bank is basically known for providing different sort of loans to the people of Nepal.
Paid up capital Rs 8888375700

03: Sanima Bank
Sanima Bank was established in 2004 and is one of the leading bank in Nepal. Sanima bank is having about 30 branches across the country and was established by Nepali people living outside the country.
Paid up capital Rs 8001255400

04: Himalayan Bank
Himalayan Bank is the most reliable and trustworthy bank among the people of Nepal. It was actually established by Habib Bank of Pakistan, Employees Provident Fund and a few investors from Nepal. Himalayan Bank is providing the services of industrial banking and merchant banking services in Nepal.
Paid up capital Rs 8114207100

05: Nabil Bank
Nabil Banks was established in 1984. Initially it was named as Nepal Arab Bank. It was actually the first foreign joint venture commercial bank in Nepal.
Paid up capital Rs 8038602500

06: Bank of Kathmandu
Bank of Kathmandu was established in 1995. The bank is having more than fifty branches and ATMs across the country.
Paid up capital Rs 7072895900

07: NMB Bank
NMB bank was established in 1995. This was actually the first bank who got A class from C class in 2008. Along with general public services it also engaged in merchant banking like issue of shares, registration of companies, issue of debentures and negotiable instruments.
Paid up capital Rs 8743784200

08: Everest Bank Limited
Everest Bank Limited was established in 1994. Punjab National Bank of India is having about 20% shares which allows access to more than 10,000 ATMs and branches not only in Nepal but also in India.
Paid up capital Rs 8026863700

09: Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal
Standard Chartered Bank, Nepal started its operation in 1987 and having more than 430 staff members to work in the bank in order to provide services to the people of Nepal. Having an international experience of banking they were the first to introduce a huge networking of ATMs and also issued the cards to its customers which are accepted internationally throughout the world. Due to its outstanding performance got first place in our list.
Paid up capital Rs 8011430600

10: Prabhu Bank
Prabhu Bank limited has a network of 162 branches and 122 ATMs across the country. It was established in 2006. It is one of the ‘A’ class commercial bank in Nepal.
Paid up capital Rs 8233962800

These are the top 10 commercial banks in Nepal. All “A” grade licensed commercial banks in Nepal provide online banking as well as internet banking service in Nepal. Head office of most of these Commercial Banks situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. Bank established date man helps you to know the history of commercial bank in Nepal. I think after reading this post you are clear how many commercial bank are there in Nepal including ideas on top 10 banks in Nepal. if you need even more information, their role, authority & function visit Nepal Rastra bank office.

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