List of top 10 best cities of Nepal to live in with beautiful girl

What are the major cities in Nepal 'largest best cities of Nepal to live in'

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List of top 10 best cities of Nepal to live in with beautiful girl

Information about biggest cities in Nepal
You can visit best cities of Nepal and have fun. Following is a list of top 10 best cities of Nepal through which you can make selection while visiting Nepal. These are the major cities in Nepal, which are liked by many people. largest cities in Nepal ranked by population, urban area, development level.

List of top 10 best cities of Nepal

01: Kathmandu
Kathmandu is a large city in Nepal. It is offering many attractive places for visitors. It is historic city and many historic places are present which are liked by people. Many people are visiting this city from different parts of the world. Kathmandu is one of the historic city of Nepal as well as the beautiful places to visit in Nepal.
Population 1,442,271
Area 49.45 km²
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02: Pokhara
Nepal has many large cities including Pokhara. There are many important places which people like to visit. This city is gaining fame with time and many more people are coming in it for having fun. People from surrounding areas are also visiting this city. Pokhara is one of the best Naturally beautiful towns in Nepal to visit once in a lifetime.
Population 200,000
Area 464.24 km²
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03: Biratnagar
Nepal has lots of substantial cities including Biratnagar. There are lots of significant sites which consumers choose to visit. This city is developing reputation with time and lots of more consumers are coming with it for having fun. Consumers out of surrounding regions are likewise visiting this city. Biratnagar is the second biggest city of Nepal
Population 182,324
Area 58.48 km²

04: Nepalgunj
Nepalgunj is one of the biggest city of Nepal situated in Banke District of Province No 5 in western part of Nepal. It is featuring lots of beautiful sites for visitors. It is cultural city of plain region. Lots of consumers are visiting this city out of unique areas of the society.
Population 73,779
Area 85.94 km²

05: Birganj
Birganj is a significant city in Nepal. It is giving a lot of interesting spots for visitors. It is ancient city and a lot of ancient spots are present which are appreciated by persons. A lot of persons are visiting this city by distinct pieces of the community.
Population 133,238
Area 75.24 km²

06: Dharan
Nepal has a lot of significant cities including Dharan. There are a lot of critical spots which persons love to visit. This city is increasing recognition with time and a lot of more persons are coming throughout it for having fun. Persons by surrounding parts are in addition visiting this city. It is one of the best place among the top 10 cities to live in Nepal.
Population 108,600
Area 192.6 km²

07: Bharatpur ‘Chitwan’
Bharatpur is a huge city in Nepal. It is supplying several desirable areas for visitors. It is traditional city and several traditional areas are present which are enjoyed by folks. Several folks are visiting this city via diverse elements of the planet.
Population 107,157
Area 433 km²

08: Janakpur
Nepal has several big cities including Janakpur. There are several crucial areas which folks want to visit. This city is getting celebrity with time and several more folks are coming inside it for having fun. Folks via surrounding locations are furthermore visiting this city. Historical city Jankapur Dham is another best cities in Nepal to live in.
Population 93,767
Area 100.20 km²

09: Dhangarhi
Dhangarhi is a big city in Nepal. It is providing numerous appealing locations for visitors. It is historical city and numerous historical locations are present which are loved by individuals. Numerous individuals are visiting this city through various components of the globe.
Population 92,294
Area 261.75 km²

10: Butwal
Nepal has numerous huge cities including Butwal. There are numerous essential locations which individuals prefer to visit. This city is attaining popularity with time and numerous more individuals are coming within it for having fun. Individuals through surrounding places are additionally visiting this city.
Population 91,733
Area 101.61 km²

If you would like to visit the 10 most beautiful towns in Nepal then the list of largest cities in Nepal helps you explore. Live at best cities in Nepal with beautiful girl to spent enjoyable life. If you need even more information about biggest cities of Nepal consult Nepal Government Ministry of Urban Development.

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