List of iPad prices in Nepal online shop to buy Apple iPad in Nepal

All Apple iPad Nepal latest features of ipad mini, iPad Air and ipad pro in Nepal

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List of iPad prices in Nepal online shop to buy Apple iPad in Nepal

The best place to buy latest ipad in Nepal
Here, I am going to let know on the subject of iPad prices in Nepal. All tips to buy ipad in Nepal online after comparison price and reviews helps to select the best module. The iPad made by Apple was probably the biggest revolution to happen in mobile devices. It changed the way people used the mobile devices. It was developed by Apple and use their own OS the iOS Mobile. Apple had already earned the name of being a company that made quality products with their iPod, iPhones and Mac computers. iPad was an instant hit as soon as it was launched.

Brief History of iPad
The iPad was launched on April 03, 2010. At the launch, the iPad only worked on wi-fi. Later in the month, they shipped the first lots which worked on 3 G connection. In March 2011 iPad launches the iPad 2 with dual-facing cameras. Subsequently, Apple would go on to launch the iPad Mini and iPad Air. The latest version is the iPad (2018) launched in March 2018.

Price list of available ipad in Nepal

01: ipad pro price in Nepal start from Rs 110000
02: iPad Air price in Nepal start from Rs 95,000
03: ipad mini price in nepal start from Rs 45000
Apple iPad available in Nepal are from 16 GB , 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, 266 GB and 512 GB of storage with WiFi and Cellular. Some other products price of apple company found in Nepal also listed in these link.

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Basic Features of an iPad
The iPad features one of the fastest processors that are available today. The model of Apple iPad in Nepal that is launched in 2018 has some special features. The RAM has been increased from 1 GB to 2 GB.
The Retina Display is another exciting feature. In this, the pixels are so small that, at normal viewing distances we cannot see them. This means it is almost a clear screen. It also has a multi-touch display which means that it can differentiate between the touch of a single finger and two fingers. The rear camera has been upgraded from 5 MP to 8 MP.
The ipad pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini models come with different storage capacities ranging from 16 GB to 512 GB. The iPad has a 32 GB memory which is not expandable. The new iPad can connect with wi-fi, Bluetooth and cellular connection. It supports 4 G LTE connections.

The Advantages of an iPad
The main advantage of having an iPad in Nepal over a laptop is the size. It can be used like the laptop without the weight and bulk. With a laptop, you have to carry a heavy charger whereas an iPad can work conveniently for about 10 hours on a single charge. You can do all your office work on the iPad even on the go.

Latest iPad in Nepal
The best iPad in Nepal is available at the many computer and electronics shops, or online store. The iPad price in Nepal varies with the model. All the latest models of the iPad are available in Nepal. There are some authorized apple dealers in Kathmandu Nepal but better to buy online to get the good discount. if you need even more information about apple ipad in Nepal gather detail from various online sites.

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