List of commodity market in Nepal for commodity exchanges in Nepal

Challenges and prospects of commodity and derivatives market in Nepal

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List of commodity market in Nepal for commodity exchanges in Nepal

Commodity exchange in Nepal is an exchange where various derivatives products and commodities are traded. Commodity Market has been growing steadily in Nepal. Even though we have seen some irregularities in the past, Securities Board of Nepal has now come in to bring order into the commodity exchange market in Nepal.
Situated in Laldurbar, Kathmandu, Commodities and Metal Exchange Nepal Limited (COMEN) is the first commodity market to be established in Nepal in 2006. The establishment of COMEN means that commodity market could now enter Nepal formally. Other commodities exchanges have so far been added after the establishment of COMEN. Here is the list of commodities exchanges in Nepal for online trading.

Online trading list of commodity market in Nepal

01: Commodities & Metal Exchange Nepal Ltd
02: Nepal Derivative Exchange Limited
03: Derivative and Commodity Exchange Nepal Ltd
04: MEX Nepal (Mercantile Exchange)
05: Nepal Spot Exchange Limited
06: Wealth Exchange
07: Commodity Future Exchange

Commodity market in Nepal trades in metals, agricultural products and other several raw materials. For instance, the commodity exchange market in Nepal is allowed to trade agricultural products such as fruit juice, ginger, fruit, sugarcane, cashew nut, chili, paddy, cardamom and cotton.
The Securities Board of Nepal now allows commodity traders to invest in the following types of goods on the Nepal Commodity Exchange:

Goods allowed for commodity trading in Nepal

#Edible oils
#Mineral oils
#Agricultural products
#Precious metals

The agricultural products that the Securities Board of Nepal allows commodity traders to invest in include cotton, juice, potato, buckwheat, cashew nut, fruit juice, ginger, chili, paddy, sugarcane, cardamom and mustard. Similarly, the commodities that Nepal Commodity Exchange traders and buy and sell under metals include zinc, iron, nickel, brass, tin, copper, lead and aluminum.

The commodities under precious metals category that traders can buy and sell include platinum, silver and gold. Mineral oils that commodity traders are permitted to invest in include petroleum products, crude oil, heating oil, and natural gas.

The Securities Board of Nepal has also permitted commodity traders in Nepal to invest in sunflower, soybean, mustard, palm, coconut, and licensed oils that fall under the edible oils category. Commodity traders are also allowed to buy and sell molasses, coffee, tea, egg, sugar, and medicinal herbs.

By listing down what commodities traders can invest in on the commodities exchange, the Securities Board of Nepal (Sebon) argues that for the first time, there is now a clear framework and regulations on commodity market in Nepal. This is actually true because in the past, we have witnessed a lot of irregularities in the commodities exchange in Nepal.

To be able to trade on the commodities listed by Sebon, commodities exchange companies have to apply for a license. I think given article help you to know about commodity market in Nepal as well as the commodity exchange in Nepal. If you interested to know even more about Nepal commodity market contact the commodity exchange brokers Nepal.