List of best airlines in Nepal operate international flights to Nepal

Flight schedule of Nepal airlines airbus offer cheap flight ticket to Nepal

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List of best airlines in Nepal operate international flights to Nepal

International Flights to Nepal
Flying to and from Nepal doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. If you do your homework well, and do a thorough research, you will find out that there are so many international airlines in Nepal that offer cheap fares. There are tons of things you can to get cheap fare on flights to Nepal. Here are some few tips to finding cheap fare.

Travel on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Most people travel to and from Nepal over the weekends, with some travelers booking their flights as early as Wednesdays. For this reason, most international airlines hike their fares towards and over the weekends.
Travel on low seasons
Most holiday makers travel to and from Nepal during summer and holidays. Such times are what we call high seasons. During such seasons, international airlines in Nepal usually increase their fares. So, to avoid spending a lot of money on the plane, travel during low seasons when international flights are lowering their fairs and offer discounts to lure travelers.
Compare fares of flight ticket to Nepal
There are so many airlines in Nepal. Some provide luxurious travel while others offer budget-friendly travels. Find out which airlines offer budget-friendly flights to Nepal, and then compare their charges and deals on offer. This way, you will be able to find the cheapest flights to Nepal.

Budget-friendly international airlines in Nepal

The airlines provides international flights to Nepal at affordable rates. You can find more information on their deals, and compare their prices with other cheap airlines in this list. Here are some of the international airlines in Nepal that offer cheapest flights to Nepal.

01: Qatar Airways *
02: Thai Airways *
03: Turkish Airlines *
04: Himalaya Airlines *
05: Air Arabia *
06: Fly Dubai *
07: Air Asia *
08: Air China *
09: China Eastern Airlines *
10: China Southern Airlines *
11: Cathay Dragon *
12: Silk Air *
13: Korean Air *
14: Drukair *
15: Etihad Airways *
16: Malaysia Airlines *
17: Malindo Air *
18: Oman Air *
19: Sichuan Airlines *
20: Air India *
21: IndiGo *
22: Jet Airways *
23: Bhutan Airlines *
24: Biman Bangladesh Airlines *
25: Nepal Airlines *
Founded in 1958 as Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation, Nepal Airlines was the first Nepal airline. They are owned solely by the Nepal government, and they are some of the cheapest international airlines you can use. If you have to reach somewhere in exact time then Nepal airlines is not recommended. Because there are so many issue on it like flight schedule management, time punctuality and frequently delays etc. If no matter of time then Nepal Airlines airbus offer cheap flights to Nepal.

Most of listed airlines offers affordable international flights to Nepal. I think you are clear about the international flights to Nepal. To book the international flights to Nepal consult listed agency directly.
Tour operator in Nepal
Travel agency in Nepal
Trekking agency in Nepal
Trekking company in Nepal
Travel agent in Nepal
Tribhuvan International Airport is only gateways to arrival and departure from Nepal. If you are travelling Nepal to see the Mount Everest let’s check what is the closest airport to Mount Everest Nepal.

Top 10 agency for cheap international flight ticket booking in Nepal