Lets learn how to earn money online from Google Adsense in Nepal

Ultimate tips to earn money online from Google Adsense in Nepal

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Lets learn how to earn money online from Google Adsense in Nepal

There are so many people in Nepal who claim to be making a lot of money using Google Adsense. If they are to be believed the amount of money they earn is big. But, how true is this? Can you really earn that much from Google Adsense?
Yes, you can. But how to earn money online from Google Adsense in Nepal? Let us see the method in detail.

How much does Google AdSense pay you per view?
If you have a English website and you are sharing a YouTube video or an article about something. If there is someone who is making a product related to what you have said in your video or article, then he can place an advertisement on your website. You will get paid according to the number of clicks people make on that ad. It may sound very simple, but it is not.
How much money can you make with Google AdSense?
This is probably what everyone wants to know. But, there is no definite answer to it. It depends on how many people visit your website and do the clicks. Even the payment per click will differ from ad to ad. You may make nothing in the first few months.

Step by step procedure to apply for Google adsense and actually get approved
Firstly, you should have a website with some good articles, at least around 15 articles of 1000 words each. These must be of good quality and there must be good number of visits on your website.Lets learn how to earn money online from Google Adsense in Nepal This is an important thing on how to earn money online from Nepal.
You use this website to start a Google Adsense account. Once you have given all the details including your mode of payment, then Google will review your website and decide whether to give you an account. Even if you are rejected you can re-apply.
How to place google adsense code to your site properly
Once they have approved your Google Adsense account you will receive a mail. Then you can create your ad units. This means that you can decide where you want the ads to appear. You will have various options when you go to your Google Adsense page. These days Google extra feature on that add all ads on site automatically only you have to place a code in your website header section. You can do it manually to show the ads in specific location.
Once you have done this you will get a code for the ad unit. You just copy the code and place it on your website. This means that you have placed the ad unit there.

What is the payment procedure of Google AdSense Nepal
You are ready to receive money for the ads placed there. There are two things you need to do before you can get the money. You have to verify your physical address and you should inform them the method to send the money to you. basically when you earn US$ 10 then the address verification process start.
Google Adsense in Nepal has helped many people to earn good money. It will depend on the content of your website how much you earn. I think given tips are useful for all to know basic ideas how to earn money online from Google adsense in Nepal. In fact it is not easy task to earn money online from Adsense patience and regular update needed for success.