Latest document scanner in Nepal price to buy best scanner in Nepal

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Latest document scanner in Nepal price to buy best scanner in Nepal

It is very difficult to imagine a best office without printer and scanner in Nepal and other part of the world. When you are planning to start an office buy the best scanner in Nepal after reading the user feedback. take a time to read this article it helps you to know about scanner in Nepal deeply. A scanner is an indispensable equipment in any office. Though many of the companies are moving to a fully digital environment. Paper is still being used on many occasions and they keep coming into every office.

Many of the records are still being maintained as hard copy. You have invoices, contracts, business cards, tax documents, travel claims, customer information forms etc. which are still on paper. All these need to be maintained carefully. That these take up space is one thing, but the main problem is when you want to find these papers at a later date. You will have to search through piles of paper and files.
Offices have now found that scanning these documents and keeping them as digital files is easier to refer later. There is also no risk of losing these files like the paper documents. It is at this time that the document scanner in Nepal becomes a useful equipment. Most of the offices use a flatbed scanner which occupies very little space.

Price list of available best scanner in Nepal

01: Canon scanner in Nepal price start from Rs 6500
02: Brothers scanner in Nepal price start from Rs 19300 (all in one)
03: Epson scanner in Nepal price start from Rs 9500
04: HP scanner in Nepal price start from Rs 19500
05: Document scanner in Nepal price start from Rs 4500
06: All in one scanner in Nepal price start from Rs 22500

What is a scanner?
A scanner is a device where the paper is placed on a glass surface under which a light moves from top to bottom. The image is captured by sensors and converted to digital files. You can connect your scanner to your computer and store these files on your computer.

The Pantelegraph is the first kind of scanning machine which scanned images and transmitted over telegraph lines. In 1913 the Belinograph was invented which could transmit images over ordinary telephone lines. This was the beginning of wirephoto which were used by new agencies in the 20s and 30s. Then the facsimile machines appeared. The scanners of today are considered to be the successors of the facsimile machine.

Types of scanners
When you are looking for the best scanner in Nepal, you should decide what type you want. This will depend on the volume of documents you want to scan. The most common scanner for homes and offices is the flatbed scanner. This scanner is good for low volumes of documents.

If you need to scan a high number of documents, the sheet fed scanner is best. Here you have the facility to feed multiple pages which will move through a drum. The method of scanning is the same as the flatbed scanner. The handheld scanners are useful for scanning documents when you are out of office. You pass the handheld scanner steadily over the sheet of paper. These scanners can keep the image till you transfer them to your computer. You can buy any of the scanners in Nepal, depending on your requirement.

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