Kathmandu to Delhi travel and tours an amazing trip to India from Nepal

India tour package from Kathmandu ideas with cheap flights from Nepal to India

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Kathmandu to Delhi travel and tours an amazing trip to India from Nepal

Information about india tour package from Nepal
Trip To India from Nepal for the foreigners is not easy like Nepali people. They have to obtain visa to enter India by overland or flight from Kathmandu. Indian embassy provides visa for foreigners in Kathmandu. Office of Indian embassy located at Lainchaur, very close to the Thamel.

A trip to India from Nepal is easy for the Nepalese citizens because they don’t require a passport or visa. All they need is an officially recognized proof of identity. Travel is also very easy because there are road border crossings between the two countries and there are buses connecting the two countries. The travel by road is most exciting because of the scenery.

Traveling to India is an exciting prospect for any Nepalese citizen. There are many entry and exit point from India to and from Nepal. Religion, people and culture of both Nepal and India are very similar. Nepal is predominantly a Hindu and Buddhist country. Both the religions were born in Nepal and India. In fact, two of the most celebrated temples of Hindu religion Muktinath and Pashupathinath are both situated in Nepal. In many ways, both countries have a lot of similarities.

Kathmandu to India tour package

The best way to travel to India from Kathmandu is by bus. There are many packages available which go to many cities in India. Depending on the what place you want to visit you can choose your package.
Kathmandu to India tour can be done with Delhi as a destination. In this trip, you will travel by road and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You will cross into India at Sunauli and go straight to the holy town of Varanasi. You will ride a boat on the holy Ganges and see the temples in the holy city. You can also visit Sarnath which is nearby. This town is famous as a Buddhist holy place. This is where Buddha preached the path of enlightenment.

You will also cover Agra where the famed Taj Mahal is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna. The Taj Mahal is a marble edifice dedicated to the wife of emperor Shah Jahan. You will also visit the Agra fort which is an architectural marvel.
Main destination of Kathmandu to India tour package is New Delhi which is the capital of India. There are plenty of historical sites and religious centers in Delhi to see and enjoy. It is also a good place to do some shopping. After travel around Delhi you can process to visit other many religious sites and historical places, city of India.

Be careful: Many Indian cheat Nepali & foreigners during the travelling period be careful in each deal and steps. Trip to India from Nepal definitely gives you lifetime memory.

India tour package from Nepal is also available for various other places in India. There are regular tour packages that cover Kolkata the city on the banks of the Ganges. It is a city of historical importance as far as India is concerned.
There are also packages that cover the Southern part of India. It all depends on how many you have in your hand to spend on travel. India is too vast a country to see in a few days.
I think given information helpful for all to know about basic knowledge to plan trip to India from Kathmandu or other major city of Nepal. If you need even more information about package contact outbound tour operator Nepal or international travel agency of India to organize your trip.

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