Kathmandu to China travels trip on affordable china tour package from Nepal

Beijing & shanghai tour package from Kathmandu ideas with trip to china from Nepal

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Kathmandu to China travels trip on affordable china tour package from Nepal

Amazing trip to China from Nepal
China tour package from Nepal is suitable for all level of travelers. it is flexible to organize according to the holiday duration and interest to see like The great wall, Beijing, Sanghai, Hong Kong etc. China is a country where everyone wants to travel to. It is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is the most populous.
China is not just famous for the growing economy, but it is also one of the oldest civilizations in the world. China is full of history. There have been many dynasties which have ruled China and they have had an influence on the whole world.

Package tour to china from Nepal
Package tour to china from Kathmandu is probably the most coveted journey for any Nepalese citizens. The countries share the border and have been having trade relations for a long time. Tibet which is a Chinese controlled region has influenced the culture and religion of the Himalayan region of Nepal.
Kathmandu to china tour package for foreigners also available from Nepal. Nepali and foreign tourist have to issue the Chinese Visa to visit Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan or the main land of China.
There are many suitable China tour package from Nepal available with travel agents in Nepal. People in Nepal will more interested in covering Tibet due to the close relationship and Pilgrimage Mount Kailash and Mansarobar. Many foreigners travelers show the interest to visit Potala palace and the north base camp of mount Everest situated in Tibet.

Tour packages to China from Kathmandu Nepal

Most tour packages by road will be to Tibet and back. This is dearer to the Nepalese due to the cultural connection. Tibet was also the earlier trade partner for Nepal for centuries when the salt trade was happening. The trips to Lhasa are also a pilgrimage for most Nepalese because it is the seat of Buddhism. After massif earthquake the road link between Nepal and Tibet is stopped only fly in flight out tour package available in from Kathmandu at this stage.

Apart from this, there are many packages that take you to the modern world of China concentrating mainly on Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guangzhou and the Yangtse river. These trips are also very popular among the Nepalese population.

The China tour from Nepal starts in Beijing the capital of China or Lhasa. It is both historic and modern. It is one of the six capital cities of ancient Chinese dynasties. Today it is a bustling capital of the fastest growing economy. There are many attractions in Beijing like the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, The Tiananmen Square etc.
Shanghai is the largest metropolitan in China and the symbol of modern China. It is one of the Buddhist centers in China with the Jade Buddha Temple attracting a lot of Nepalese Buddhists to it.

Another ancient capital town of China is Xian. This town is famous for the 6000 life-size statues of warriors. The Yangtse River is another attraction during a China tour. The third largest river is a must for romantic people to cruise on.

Depending on the duration of your trip China holds many attractions. Different packages are available with the tour agencies in Kathmandu which are almost all affordable. I think after reading this article you are clear about China tour package from Nepal trip detail. if you need even more information on it consult international travel agency in Kathmandu Nepal to get the quotation detail.

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