Kathmandu dry cleaning in Nepal with best laundry services in Nepal

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Kathmandu dry cleaning in Nepal with best laundry services in Nepal

Information about best laundry in Nepal
If you are travelers to Nepal and looking for dry cleaning or best laundry services in Nepal then there are many laundry in Nepal, mainly Thamel area. They do provide cheap and best dry cleaning in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dry cleaning in Nepal saves a lot of time and energy that could have been used in washing the laundry by hand.

Dry cleaning and laundry definitions
Dry cleaning is the process of cleaning laundry and other textiles by the use of chemical solvents to remove the stains instead of water and other detergents. This method of cleaning laundry and textiles is ideal especially for clothing that are degraded by water, very fragile hence cannot handle the rough tumbling of the washing machine or drying machine. The process is not quite as dry as the name suggests since there are liquid chemical solvents involved like trichloroethane, petroleum spirits, tetrachloroethylene or perchloroethylene.
Laundry is the term given to the cleaning of textiles and clothing. These activities of cleaning are normally conducted in a room set aside specifically for this purpose known as the utility or laundry room in the household. The process of cleaning the clothing or textiles is referred to as laundering and the material being laundered is known as laundry.

Average laundry cost or dry cleaning price in Nepal

01: 150 per kg only wash and fold
02: 200 per kg Wash & iron
03: 250 per kg Express Laundry within 24 hrs

History of laundry
The present day dry cleaning methods make use of liquid chemical solvents to get rid of dirt and stains. This method can be dated back to as early as 1885. The French dye worker Jean Baptiste Jolly was the first to identify the use of petroleum based solvents in dry cleaning. The flammability of these solvents was however a major concern which led to development of less flammable solvents like white spirit and gasoline based solvents by William Joseph Stoddard.

Many explosions and fires were experienced as a result of using the petroleum based solvents which made the government make regulations on dry cleaning. Chlorinated solvents emerged after the First World War which was more efficient and less flammable as opposed to petroleum solvents. Tetrachloroethylene or Perchchloethylene (PCE) is the solvent mostly used in dry cleaning as it is easily recycled, stable, compatible with almost all fabrics and non-flammable.

Process of dry cleaning
The first step in dry cleaning is the tagging of the clothing to ensure that they do not get mixed up with other peoples. They are also checked for any tears, missing buttons or deformities that they might have. The clothing is then pre-treated to make it easy to get rid of stains.

The third process is the dry cleaning where the laundry is put in the machine and cleaning done using chemical solvents. The fourth process is post spotting where any stubborn stains are removed using a solvent. The final process is the finishing where the clothes are pressed, folded and packaged.

This post may help you to find and use the clean wash laundry service dry cleaner in Kathmandu, Nepal. if you need even more information about laundry in Nepal gather tips online laundry services in Nepal. there are many 24 hrs laundry service Thamel Kathmandu for tourist.

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