Job vacancies Nepal with useful tips to find the part time jobs in Nepal

How to find online part time jobs in Kathmandu Nepal for students

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Job vacancies Nepal with useful tips to find the part time jobs in Nepal

College students, housewives, teenagers, and many others often look for part time jobs to earn some money and fulfill their needs. Job seekers can find a variety of jobs in Nepal. It includes full-time regular jobs, part-time jobs, contractual jobs, permanent jobs,remote jobs, freelance jobs, and other jobs.
Jobs can be demanding or flexible. Jobs are available in both private and government sectors in Nepal. Here are some information and some useful tips to find part time jobs in Nepal. It ma helps you to get the part time jobs in Nepal.

Useful tips to find the part time jobs in Nepal

It is possible to work part time as a home tutor. For finding a job as a home tutor, you can contact people who want to hire a tutor. Many people post their requirements on different platforms. Sometimes, people share their requirement in society chat forums. You can also use your contacts for finding this part time job.
Lets check how to earn money with less work in Kathmandu, Nepal
#01 It is possible to do a part time job as a receptionist. Minimum qualification for this job is 10+2. Pleasant personality, fluency in written and spoken English and good communication skills are other basic requirements for this job.

#02 Many firms hire part time accountants. Most of these firms require a degree in commerce as minimum qualification. However, some firms hire students pursuing a bachelor course as trainees. With 10+2 qualification, if you have knowledge of tally and some other accounting tools, it is possible to get hired.Job Vacancies Nepal With Useful Tips To Find The Part Time Jobs In Nepal
#03 It is possible to work as a part-time teacher or lecturer in coaching centers, schools, and colleges.
#04 Many private firms hire people to work as part-time typist. If you have basic qualification and typing skills, then you can work as a part-time typist.
#05 Jobs are also available in call centers. Employees mostly work in night shifts. Part-time jobs in Nepal are also available in some call centers.
#06 Some firms require part-time admin staff and data entry operators in Nepal.
#07 Some home based online jobs are also available in Nepal. These are part-time, temporary jobs in Nepal.
#08 If you have skills in art, music, or dance, then it is a good idea to offer hobby classes to students who are interested in art or music.
#09 Some firms offer part-time sales and marketing jobs. You can earn good money if you have such skills.
#10 Tourism is one of the main sources of income in Nepal. So, there are opportunities to work as a tour guide. You can work as a freelance tour guide or work for some travel agency in Nepal.
#11 You can also work as a freelance photographer or writer and earn good money in Nepal.
#12 If you are interested in social work, there are lots of opportunities in Nepal. Nepal is still a developing country, so you can certainly do something for helpless people. You can join any international or local NGO and work as a volunteer in Nepal.
#13 If you have gook knowledge about computer better to start a commerce business in low investment that secure your future.
You can find many other part time jobs in Nepal. To find a suitable job, it is important to have the essential qualification, general knowledge, positive attitude, good manners, discipline, dedication, and some other virtues. These tips to find the part time jobs in Nepal are important for all job seekers. I think it helps you too to find the part time jobs in Nepal as per your interest in any of suggested segment.