Investment opportunities on 15 most profitable small business in Nepal

What kind of business is profitable in Nepal

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Investment opportunities on 15 most profitable small business in Nepal

What is the most profitable small business in Nepal
Nepal is a developing country, situated in the southern part of Asia. It is located between India and China. Nepal is a low income country, so, its economic condition is not very good. Many people live in poverty and the country extensively depends on international aid & remittance. Agriculture and services industries are the major sources of earning in Nepal. In Nepal, more than 65 percent of the total population depends upon agriculture. The main agricultural products in Nepal are rice, tea, tobacco, sugarcane, jute, wheat, corn, and grains.
What are the business opportunities in Nepal

Number of professionally qualified people is increasing day by day in Nepal. It resulted in a rapid increase in the number of job seekers in Nepal. A large number of young, skilled, educated, highly motivated people are present in Nepal who can work in different sectors and help business owners to earn huge profit. Start a business in Nepal with a small investment.
What small business will be best for Nepal and why
There is good scope for small business in Nepal. Due to the growing technology and rise of mobile and internet users, for innovative tech founders, there are many business opportunities in the niche markets of e-jobs, Edu, Tech, software development, entertainments etc. There is good scope for growth of tourism industry in Nepal.
Following are some ideas for the most profitable small business in Nepal.

List of small business in Nepal

01: If you have knowledge of software development and you are good at web design, hosting, programming, and Photoshop, then you can work as a freelance web developer or web designer. You can work individually or as a team. There are many sites that offer freelance projects. You can also start your own software company and accept local and international projects.
02: You can start a restaurant. A fast food restaurant is a good idea for a most profitable small business in Nepal. There are high chances of profit. Tourists keep coming to Nepal and teenagers and young people are also crazy about junk food. So, you can earn quick money through this business.
03: Car washing business is an interesting small business that is profitable in Nepal.
04: Grocery store is another profitable small business in Nepal. You can successfully run a grocery store in any part of Nepal. For success, you need to keep your store well stocked.
05: Barber’s shop is a profitable small business in Nepal. You need low startup capital for this business.
06: Another profitable small scale business idea is dry cleaning business in Nepal.
07: Most of the people who come to Nepal are interested in sightseeing and mountaineering. So, if you work as a tourist guide and interpreter, you can earn good money. The only requirement for this work is that your English skills should be good and you should also have good understanding about the history and geography of Nepal.
08: You can work as a street vendor. This is a most profitable business in Nepal and possible to start in low cost.
09: Blogging is the best small business ideas possible to start with small investment .
10: You can start a Ecommerce website sell the ads, place others product ads on this to generate revenue through the site.
11: If you are good at photography and/or writing, you can establish yourself as a freelance writer or photographer. You can start your own studio.
12: Grass feed Goat Free raise Poultry farming in Nepal out of city for
13: Be a youtubers in Nepal make creative video to make money online
14: Start small scale beauty parlor for self employment with quality service
15: Tuition or Yoga or language or computer training center also is one of the best example of most profitable small business. if you have good knowledge & skill to manage the trainers you cam good amount of money with it in low investment.

I think given ideas helps to establish a most profitable small business in Nepal. You definitely get success on business if you have inner eager to do so & continuity on it. Make money by investing in most profitable small business in Nepal for you and your family.