How to worship shaligram shila benefits of shaligram from gandaki river

Original shaligram stone types, importance and benefits of sacred shaligram puja

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How to worship shaligram shila benefits of shaligram from gandaki river

All about Shaligram Stone from Kali Gandaki river Nepal
I would like to invite you to visit Upper Mustang and damodar kunda the origin of shaligrm shila in Nepal. This place is one of great pilgrimage to worship goddess Bishnu. One can find the shaligram shila nearby area which you can take with you for regular worship at home. These days it is possible to buy Shaligram online also you can purchase and worship it.

There are several types of Shaligram stone such as Vishnu, which is big in size and has black color. it also has a linear mark at the center of the opening. It is necessary to obtain the special permit to visit the Mustang district kaligandaki river area “to find the Shaligram Shila” for foreign nationals including Indian.
Upper mustang trekking permit fee for trekking in Mustang District Nepal
People who can worship ShaligramShila are those who are initiated into the Vishnu Mantra and they are called Vaishnavas. Once initiated, they become qualified for the worship regardless of their caste or gender. Basically, the stones are fossilized remains of ocean creatures called ammonites and these animals are extinct.
The black colored fossil found in kali Gandaki corridor of Himalayas called Shaligram stone. According to the holy myth, Shaligram originally came from a curse that Lord Vishnu turned into a stone. This curse is so powerful that no one can change it, only accept it. It was received by his loyal devotee Vrinda that transformed him into stone.

Original shaligram shila price in Nepal

01: Natural shaligram shila price in Mustang from Rs 350 to 2500
02: Original shaligram shila price online Rs 2500 to 5000

It is a symbol or an icon of the God Vishnu, this is the main concept by Hindus. The story of Shaligram Shila says that God Vishnu is quite often worshipped in many places in the form of a black stone. This black stone is famous for Shaligram stone.
Shaligram from Nepal are stones that are usually collected from rivers of Kali Gandaki, they are very popular and easily carried. Those stones have been found there a hundred million years even before humans evolved. There are some benefits associated with how to worship the Shaligrams, and that they are worshipped in monasteries, temples and even at homes.

They are normally worshiped for merit and spiritual blessings. They are not to be worshiped for materialistic benefits or selfish desires that may lead to sadness and misery. I think after reading this post you are clear how to worship Shaligram Shila. If you need even more information about it consult Brahmin, astrologer, Pandit or read vishnu puran to kno detail of Shaligram Shila from gandaki river.

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