How to register a domain name with domains registration process for free

Tips to get free domain name for website with best domain name registrar

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How to register a domain name with domains registration process for free

It is good to know how does the domain name registration process works. The process of registering a domain name is not something very complicated. But it does require you to know some things before hand. After all, a good domain name is the mark of someone professional working on making the website better. So without further ado, here is the process on How to register a domain name.

How to register a domain name for free step by step info
Step One
Step one in registering a domain name actually involves choosing a name in the first place. The name should be done on the basis of either two things:
Keyword (Keyword related name) – In this case, the name of the domain should be based on a particular keyword in order to optimize search engines around it.
Brand (Brand related name) – In this case, the name should be based more on the brand the website is trying to buy or sell.
Other than that, a domain name can be composed of letters and numbers or a combination of both.
Step Two
The second step in domains registration is to find the company that will do the registration for you. This is fairly simple since you can find such a company on the internet by a simple Google search. Make sure you compare the prices and services provided before settling on one.

Step Three
The next step involves picking the extension for your domain name and seeing if it is available or not. If it is not available, then another name will have to be chosen. Alternatively, you can try and see if the owner of a certain domain name is willing to sell it to you.
Step Four
The fourth step when you register a domain name is registering the available domain name with the company making the registrations. Obviously, you will have to pay money to the registrar in order to make this happen. The money is paid in accordance with the number of years you are planning to keep the domain name.
Step Five
Lastly, you will have to point the domain to the name servers of the web host. This is done so that a name can be resolved to an IP address instead of a website. And that wraps up all the steps you need to follow when you register domain for yourself.

Now; you are clear How to register a domain name then go for further How to create a website for free to make your business or personal site live.
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