How to prevent a future unwanted pregnancy after marriage naturally

Step by step methods to control unplanned pregnancy after intercourse

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How to prevent a future unwanted pregnancy after marriage naturally

How can you prevent a future unwanted pregnancy?
Every year about 85% of women who fail to use contraceptives and are sexually active become pregnant. It is very possible for one to become pregnant during the monthly period or even one and a half week after childbirth while still breast feeding. The two guaranteed methods of prevent a future unwanted pregnancy is through the use of contraceptives or abstaining totally. Contraceptives are an ideal way to prevent unwanted pregnancies for those individuals who remain sexually active.

Methods of Contraception
Contraceptives methods are advised to prevent future unwanted pregnancies but they are not a 100% guaranteed to protect you. To reduce the chances of contracting STIs and pregnancy the male latex condom are extremely effective. Other forms of contraception such as (Iud Birth Control) IUDs, birth control pills and Implants still leave one at risk of contracting (Sexually transmitted infections) STIs.

Future unwanted pregnancy control methods for the woman

Oral contraceptives
The pills need to be administered each day as instructed by the doctor. In case one experiences diarrhea or vomiting work should be avoided. The pills contain progestin and estrogen hormones which are responsible for preventing ovulation hence preventing unwanted pregnancy. The pills have a variety of side effects ranging from irregular periods to depression, nausea, breast tenderness, weight gain and headache.

Depo-Provera is a birth control injection, female have to take once every 3 months with the support of nurse. It is one of the safe and convenient method to control unwanted pregnancies. It affect the regular menstruation like irregular or absent.

Female sterilization
Laparoscopy is a permanent sterilization method to prevent future pregnancies. It is a operation done in hospital by the doctor with aid of a camera.

Copper IUDs
This is another popular method to control the unwanted birth. It is a t shaped device insert into the uterus with the support of Physician at hospitals or clinics. After Each menstruation it is important to check its condition. it may cause many side effects like abnormal bleeding etc.

This is a disk made of rubber that contains a flexible rim to conceal the cervix. It should be used hand in hand with spermicide. It is only given to individuals with a prescription and a qualified health practitioner should fit it. it has the ability to prevent unwanted pregnancy for up to six hours. After sexual intercourse it can stay up to 6 hours at the least but no more than 24 hours.

They are small rods made or rubber that is put on the upper arm under the skin through a surgical procedure. They are responsible for releasing levenorgestrel steroid contraceptive. They are effective for five years at most and three at the least. The major side effects experienced include weight gain, tender breasts, bone mass loss and irregular menstruation.

Emergency contraception
The pill should be taken before seventy two hours are over after having unsafe sex in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy. After the first pill the second should be taken after twelve hours or at most twenty four hours.

Control methods for men

This is also referred to as male sterilization. It is a surgical procedure conducted while the patient is sedated using anaesthesia. No major complications are expected but some minor ones like infections or bleeding might be experienced. Erections and ejaculations will still occur since the sperm cells are the only ones removed and they contain a very small portion of the semen.

Latex rubber made condom are used to control birth, unwanted pregnancy as well as the different sexually transmitted diseases also. A condom use at once only and advise all to put it properly before intercourse.
Now you are clear about How can you prevent a future unwanted pregnancy naturally. I think given future unwanted pregnancy control methods for the woman and men are useful for all.