How to make Nepali food with the list of best foods must eat in Nepal

Famous top 10 traditional Nepali food items must try Nepalese cuisine at once

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How to make Nepali food with the list of best foods must eat in Nepal

Information fbout traditional Nepali food items
If you asked any Nepali what they eat, nine out of ten times the reply is likely to be Dal Bhat.How to make Nepali food with the list of best foods must eat in Nepal This is the staple diet of most Nepalis. This is eaten almost every day and in most homes, at least twice a day.
Nepali food is a rich variety of various dishes and tastes which comes from the multi-cultural make-up of the population. There are many food items that are very different in preparation and tastes. Many of the dishes in Nepal have not been popularized around the world. However, the Momo is available almost everywhere in the world and loved by everyone.
There are very many traditional Nepali food recipes, we will just see ten of the traditional, but not so easily available Nepali dishes. Let’s check what is the most popular food in Nepal?

Name list of top 10 Nepali food recipes

01: Dal Bhat
Dal is a soup made of lentils and Bhat refers to rice which is a staple food not only in Nepal but also in many countries in these parts of the world. Most of the times the Dal Bhat is accompanied by Tarkari, a curry made by mashing different vegetables.
02. Dhido
This is the second most popular food item after Dal Bhat. It is made by continuously flours of maize, millet flour and buckwheat with hot water. This is served with curry made from local vegetables, pickle and soup. This is also becoming very commonly available in Nepali restaurants.
03. Sel Roti
This is a donuts-shaped sweet snack which is prepared by deep frying sweetened rice flour. It is one of the best traditional Nepali dishes you need to try at least once. This is also becoming popular nowadays like the Momo. Specially Sel Roti make on special occasions and the celebration festivals like Makar sakranti, Tihar, Deshain etc. Because of its taste and popularity you can find sel roti in so many restaurants regularly.

04: Samaya Baji
This is yet another Newari dish which gives the real taste of Nepal. This is made using beaten rice. This is usually served with a lot of accompaniments. There will be marinated meat, fried boiled eggs, black soya beans, potato pickle, ginger which is finely cut, goat curry and leafy vegetables. The Newari drink Aila is also served along with this.

05: Jand Raksi
Jand and Raksi both are traditional alcoholic beverage in Nepal very popular in Nepalese community. Locally grown rice, millet, wheat and corn uses to make the jand raksi. Mainly ethnic society of Nepal have good knowledge to make chemical free homemade wine in Nepal. They use different verity of herbs for fermentation and make wine with distillation process.

06: Beaten rice (Chiura)
Chiura is one of the popular traditional dry food of Nepal made from paddy. Major process to make is start with soaking, draining, roasting, flaking the paddy finally husk removed from it then rice flakes ready to eat. It is really tasty to eat with mixing yogurt and banana or milk and banana.

07: Rice Pudding
Grass feed milk gives the real taste of rice pudding that stay in your mind forever. It is one of the popular dish in village area. People make in Kathmandu also but the taste is not good enough. If you wants to take the real taste of Khir “rice pudding” visit remote village area. while making rice pudding, Rice cooked with milk without adding water beside that people use the sliced coconut, resins, cashew nuts, cardamom powder etc as per choice.

08: Momos
Yong generation love MoMo then their girlfriend. Wrappers of Momo made from rice flours then chopped vegetables, minced buffalo or chicken put on it to make dumplings. After that momo are steamed, deep fried or added to a spicy soup to serve. It is not possible to describe the taste of this popular dish in words. Momo is a kind of dumpling every day beat the hearts of Nepalese mainly afternoon.

09: Yomari
This is a special dish made by the Newar community, especially during the winter and supposed to build heat in the body to protect from the cold. Steamed rice dough is shaped in a peculiar shape and is stuffed with chaku which is a sweet cake made with sugarcane. Khuwa, a dairy product is also stuffed inside. In some varieties, lentils are also added. According to my personal experience I never recommended to try this dish (west of money).

10: Chatamari & Bara
Chatamari is another traditional Nepali food that is made from rice flour. The rice flour is made like crepe and topped with minced meat, egg and seasoned with vegetables. Bara also more or less similar way to make. It is round shape lentil flour pancake quite thicker than Chatamari. It cooked keeping, fresh coriander, minced meat, egg, chillis and a variety of spices on top of pancake on choice.

Beside this list there many other traditional Nepali foods are available in Nepal like Satu, Juju dhau etc. Should Not Miss to take a taste of such great Nepali dishes, Nepalese cuisine of Traditional Nepalese Drinks and food in Nepal. If you are going to discover Mount Everest then check the list of top 10 Sherpa cuisine on Everest base camp trek to try Sherpa foods in Nepal.

Famous top 10 traditional Nepali food items must try Nepalese cuisine at once while travelling. I think now you are clear about how to make Nepali food with the list of best foods must eat in Nepal.

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