How to donate sperm tips to donating sperm free & insemination process

What is sperm donation and how does it work to get pregnant

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How to donate sperm, tips to donating sperm free with insemination process

Donating sperm can help a woman to get her child if her partner is not sexually able to reproduce. “How to donate sperm” Now, a sperm donor can donate his sperm privately to the particular recipient, or he can also do the same at the sperm bank. So, you will surely need to know where to donate sperm and in what way you can do it perfectly.

Can i donate sperm – Importance:
By donating sperm, you can do two types of benefits.

  • Normally donated sperms to help a single mother, lesbians, and women who have a partner with male infertility to get their child.
  • It also helps the donor to get some money against the sperm he is donating to the recipient directly or to the sperm bank.

However, there are some steps going through which you will be able to donate your sperm successfully. Where can i donate sperm? Go to any sperm bank and do it.

Step 1: Pre-qualification
Before donating your sperm, the sperm bank will surely check your health. You cannot have any chronic diseases like cancer or diabetes. At the same time, you cannot have any sort of infection related diseases like hepatitis B or C, HIV, HTLV, genital herpes or syphilis. At the same time, the sperm donor should have better sperm health because at the time of refrigerating some of the sperms will lose their fertility.

Step 2: Your age & height
How old do you have to be to donate sperm? To donate your age, you age should not cross forty years. However, the barrier of age may be different from one sperm bank to other. In some of the banks, the age barrier is only 35. Actually, when your age becomes more than forty, there is a tendency that the amount of fertile sperm becomes lower. You cannot donate your sperm before you turn to eighteen years of age.
Along with your age, your height will also be in consideration. Normally, most of the sperm banks take males with a height more than 5.10”. However, some of the sperm banks take men of 5.9” as well. It has been found that men with longer height will be able to produce more fertile sperms.

Step 3: Make a contract
How do you donate sperm? It is followed by most of the sperm banks that they will not take those donors who will just come only once to donate their sperms. Normally, they make at least one year contract with the male donor in between whom the sperm donor has to come a number of times if possible bi-weekly to donate his sperms in the bank.

Step 4: Go through screening and donate sperm
In the sperm banks, your interview will be taken and then if you pass that you will be allowed for sperms donation. You should try your best to donate more fertile sperms. The sperm count should also be satisfactory. Now you are clear about how to donate sperm choose the best places for sperm donation.
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