How to donate hair with tips for donating hair for cancer patients

Best places to donate hair for charity & least amount of hair for donation

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How to donate hair with tips for donating hair for cancer patients

There are many organizations where you can visit for the sake of donating your hair. Process “How to donate hair, these organizations for hair donation collect this donated hair and use them in making wigs so as to help people who have lost hair while going through chemotherapy or due to some other medical condition. People suffering from cancer end up losing all their hair during the process of chemotherapy.

This can prove to be quite an upsetting and painful process for the patient. In fact, if the patient is someone who has always kept her hair long, she will fell as if she has lost a part of her very own identity. Even though artificial wigs may be an option, it is not the best option out there as these wigs look every bit as artificial as they are and these wigs do no work to solve your problem or hide it for that matter.

You might wonder “where can you donate your hair?” the answer is hair donating organizations. By donating a part of your hair into these organizations, you can always help the people suffering from this terminal disease by giving them their identity. The method of hair does not require you to spend any money. Hair is something which grows for free and does not include any investment for the sake of their growth. You might wonder “how long does hair have to donate?” Well, it will take a long time for you before your hair is long enough to pass the criteria of donation as human hair grows at a very slow pace.

Your hair should be at least 10 inches long for donation
If you are wondering how long your hair have to be to donate, well the specific answer is a minimum length requirement of 10 inches. This is due to the fact that most of the hair length is spent while stitching the wig. Also, your hair should be available in a bleached condition.

How to donate your hair
Hair donation is an easy process. You need to wash your hair, dry it and also get it rid of all external chemicals. Then tie it in a ponytail and cut your hair right above the band area. Then tie the hair up neatly, pack it and post it to the nearest organization. Now you are clear how long does hair have to be to donate and How to donate hair to help cancer patient by donating your hair.
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