How to donate clothes with pros & cons of donating clothes to charity

The best places to donate clothes and household items to charity

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How to donate clothes with pros & cons of donating clothes to charity

Donating clothes is always a good option; know more “How to donate clothes“. If you have a drawer full of extra clothes which you hardly wear or have become too small for you, you can always bring a smile on people’s face by using these clothes to donate.
However, you need to be aware of certain guideline information such as how to donate clothes to goodwill, where to donate clothes or what are the specific criteria for donating clothes. Many people are not aware of the process of clothes donation and hence, they don’t donate at all. Your basic requirement for the process of donation is your old clothes and boxes and plastic bags to put these clothes in.

Pre-donation preparation
However, you need to make some preparation before you go and donate your clothes.

  • Sort through all your clothes and divide them into two piles. The one’s you need and the ones that don’t fit you any longer. This pile should also contain your clothes that you don’t wear anymore. This pile will undoubtedly be your donation pile.
  • You can get these clothes ready by washing the required ones and cleaning the shoes that are dirty. This is not a necessity but is advised and suggested.

Where can you donate your clothes?
You might wonder “where can I donate clothes?” You can donate clothes by following a number of methods. They are:

  • Clothing bins are a convenient and good option of donating clothes. They are frequent at supermarkets or high streets. All you need is to put your old clothes in a bag, and then pop them right into the required hole. You can’t use a box to put in your clothes as the box will not fit through the hole.
  • A charity shop is another common method for the process of clothes donation. Apart from donating your clothes, you also get to be aware of the cause you are donating for, although this method requires a tad bit more effort from your side. You need to visit a volunteer shop to donate your clothes; you can’t just leave them outside the charity shop’s doorstep as they might be in danger of getting damaged.
  • Donating clothes online is the most convenient method. All you need to do is search the net, and you will find millions of result.

Some people buy new clothes and donate for charity during the disaster victim area. Now you are clear about How to donate clothes? Use either new or your spare clothes to donate make people smile.
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