How to create a website for free in no time to generate money from Google

Google website builder for small business helps to make a website for free on google

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How to create a website for free in no time to generate money from Google?

There is billions of website on the internet. Nowadays every organization, as well as individuals, wants a website of their own. But the real issue is How to create a website for free. There are big agencies who can drain out your money to make some high profile website. By following few simple steps, you can do it for yourself.

How to create a website for free step by step
Choosing a platform is very critical stage while creating a website. There are many platforms which will help you to create your own website. You must keep these things in your mind.
Gather some knowledge about the types of website. An organization website will undergo different procedure than a shopping website. Then find what kind of hosting service you need.
Find all the free website building platforms and compare their features.
When you are satisfied with one, and then check out the theme galleries. There are also tutorials, on how to choose a theme for a particular website. You will see some features need to be purchased. If you are a beginner, then don’t spend much on these things.

“How do I create a website?”
It will be the next question appearing in your mind. The first part is to choose a unique website address / domain name to create your own website. You need to make an account of yours on the platform which you have chosen. Don’t worry; there is no programming or coding stuff. You will find many ready-made options with customized elements.

The web page allows you to add text, videos, charts, images hyperlinks and others. There are a wide varieties of tutorials which you can check out, to have a clear picture of how things are done to create website. If you know HTML, PHP, Java script,  CSS, you can show your coding skills.
Once you are done with the structural part, you will have to upload contents. The contents must be unique. You can write your own, or hire people to make value content. Then all you need to do is to publish your site.

How to grow your website?
Now you know How to create a website for free, but your work is not over yet after creating a web site. You must take steps to improve the popularity of your website. You definitely get success.
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