How to activate ncell 4g in android & iphone mobile internet 4g setting

How do i activate 4g on my phone? Read step by step tips or contact ncell customer care?

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How to activate ncell 4g in android & iphone mobile internet 4g setting

How to activate internet in ncell? all about ncell 4g settings
If you have ncell and you want to activate 4g in it then make sure that your cell phone is able to support 4g. All types of cell phones are not able to run 4g so you must have an advanced cell phone in order to use 4g services.

Introduction: how to activate 4g in ncell sim card
4g services are advanced and fast internet services which can be used on ncell. First of all you must have advanced cell phones which can support 4g internet services. When you have ncell advanced phones and you are willing to use 4g internet services then you can follow the following steps on the basis of type of operating system in your cell phones.

How to activate ncell 4g in android
You can activate ncell 4g in android by using the following steps:

how to activate ncell 4g in android & iphone mobile internet ncell 4g setting
Ncell 4g settings

• First you must go to settings in your cell phone
• When you are in settings then go to more networks
• When in more networks then click on mobile networks
• When in mobile networks then click on network mode
• Here you can select the 4g network mode

By following these steps you are able to activate ncell 4g in android and enjoy the fast speed of internet on your device.

How to activate 4g in ncell in iphone
Iphone users are able to activate 4g in ncell with the help of the following steps:
• First of all go to settings which is available inside main menu
• When in settings click on cellular
• When in cellular then click on cellular data options
• When in cellular data options then click on voice and data
• From voice and data you must select 4g option

In this manner 4g will be activated on your cell phone and you will be able to have fun with fast speed of internet.
4g is fast internet service and it can be used on cell phone devices to give faster internet. With 4g you can run internet faster and have fun while browsing at a fast rate. All heavy sites can be opened in a short time period and your waiting time is also reduced. With the help of 4g you can have more fun and your work will be completed in reduced time as compared with slower internet connections. You can activate 4g on your devices and start using this advanced internet services for great speed and accuracy.

I think given information about Ncell 4G APN Settings for Android / iphone to Activate Ncell 4G in Android/iPhone Mobile by your own. If you cannot configure the setting of smart phone in Nepal better to consult contact ncell customer care. They helps you with instruction To activate Ncell 4G in Ncell sim and 4G setting in Smartphone’s.

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