How to activate internet in ntc and ncell sim card gprs setting guide

Simple configuration step help to activate internet in ntc and ncell sim card

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How to activate internet in ntc and ncell sim card gprs setting guide

Information and tips of Ntc and Ncell manual or automatic gprs setting
As with other countries in the world, cellular internet connections have become popular in Nepal too. The proliferation of the smartphone has made most of the internet activities on mobile itself. Whatever people were doing in laptops or PCs are not getting done through mobile phones. With the decline in prices for smartphones, almost everyone has got a smartphone which can connect to the cellular data connection. Let’s check Ntc and ncell gprs setting.

4G Internet Connection

4G is now available in Nepal with NTC and Ncell in most cities and soon be extended to other areas. Though the service is available many people are not sure how to activate their phones or SIMs to be able to connect to 4G. Let us see how to activate internet in NTC and Ncell.
Activating Sim for 4G
Ncell users need not do any activation but should change the SIM. You can get the 4G SIM free of cost at any Ncell counter. All the new SIMs are 4G activated.
NTC customers should dial *444# to activate 4G. However, if the SIM is not U-SIM, then you have pay and get the SIM changed.

Activating Phone For 4G

Android phones follow this method.

Settings >> Mobile Networks >> Preferred Network Type or Network Mode. In this, you should select either 4G Preferred, Prefer LTE or LTE/WCDMA/GSM

For iOS phones, the following two methods can be used

Settings >> Cellular >> Enable 4G
Settings >> Cellular data options >> Voice & Data >> LTE

Configuring The Phone For 4G

The APN settings are the same as those used for 2G GPRS, EDGE and 3G.

For Ncell you should follow the below method to configure the APN

Setting >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names
How to configure cellular data for NTC and Ncell in Android
Then you can configure as below.

Name: Ncell
APN Name: web

You should leave all the other places as it is and save this APN. You should then make it default. Now you can enjoy 4G internet on your Ncell SIM.

If you look at how to activate internet in NTC, you should follow the below steps.

Settings >> Mobile Network >> Access Point Name. Configure the APN as below.

Name: NTC

APN Name: Ntnet

Leave all the other details as it is. Save these details and set the APN as default.
This should work on all the phones. The setting for internet connections other than 4G is also the same or can be got by SMS from your network provider. If the above method doesn’t work, please delete all the saved APNs in the phone and configure only the above one. Contact customer care of Ncell they will support immediately.
I am unable to explain about the NTC customer care service. Because personally tried many time to get support from NTC but they will not receive the phone and some time busy whole day. In this way I purchase a Ncell Sim card to use the internet service.

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