How often can you donate bone marrow, requirements, risks & recovery

Who can donate bone marrow with facts about bone marrow donation

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How often can you donate bone marrow, requirements, risks & recovery

Your bone marrow consists of stem cells which later on mature into white blood cells, red blood cells, and the platelets. If these stem cells get defective or more commonly say, get rouged, they give rise to cancerous cells. The only way to stop these cancerous cells from spreading further is by rebooting or getting yourself a new bone marrow with new and fresh transplanted cells. There are many people who act as donors and give bone marrow. “how often can you donate bone marrow” It is a simple method and does not pose any threat to the donor.

How do you donate bone marrow Process?
There is a very thin line between a bone marrow transplant and a stem cell transplant. The outcome and aim of both the process are same. However, the thin line of differentiation between them is the transplant process itself. The past method included the insertion of a needle into the pelvis of the donor, the needle consisting of liquid marrow which in turn consists of healthy stem cells. But now these bone marrows are harvested from the donor in a non-surgical method and is carried out in any clinic.

You can donate bone marrow as many times as you want to
You might wonder how many times can you donate bone marrow. Well, since it takes only a few days for your stem cells and your marrow to regenerate once again, technically you are fit to donate your bone marrow several number of times. However, it is very rare for a person’s marrow to match with the required patient. Hence, you will get a maximum call of two to three times in your entire life for the process of donation.

Once you become the donor of someone else, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t donate your marrow to some other patient should the need arise. Also, you can get a bone marrow transplant in the future if you require it irrespective of whether you were a donor or not.

How to donate blood marrow
Does donating bone marrow hurt ? No worry It is a safe process, and no harm happens to the donor. It will take an approximate period of about 4-6 weeks for your bone marrow to be fully regenerated. Hence, you can stop wondering how many times you can give bone marrow because technically you can donate it after every interval of 8 to 10 weeks.

Also donating bone marrow is a very noble job, as you are contributing towards saving a person’s life. You are helping in the cure of diseases such as leukemia, a plastic anemia, and many others. Now you are clear about how often can you donate bone marrow? bone marrow donation to contribute towards saving life.
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