How often can you donate blood & where to donate blood with importance

What tests are done when you donate blood with all information requirements, benefits

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How often can you donate blood & where to donate blood with importance

There is nothing so useful than donating your blood. It can help saving lives of a lot of people in one way or the other. You will be extremely keen to know ‘how often can I donate blood.’ The answer will be that you can donate your blood numerous times if your health permits that. How much blood do you donate and how often can you give blood? be healthy physically and mentally to donate more blood.

Step 1: Match the criteria
When you are donating blood, you must be free from any kind of current illness. How much do you have to weigh to donate blood? Your weight should be minimum 50 kgs. You will be able to donate your blood within a gap of fifty-six days. How old do you have to be to donate blood? Your age must be more than sixteen years before you can donate your blood. If you have gone through any kind of dental treatment just before the time of your blood donation you should avoid donating your blood.

Step 2: Make a prior appointment
For donating your blood, you need to book a prior appointment with the blood bank. It will help you to ensure that you are matching all the criteria to donate your blood on a particular day in which the appointment is made. You will also be keen to know how much blood do you donate. It will actually depend on the doctors who will decide upon your health condition.

Where to donate blood
It is good to donate the blood at blood bank or other special blood donation events organize by the different organization like red cross.

Step 3: Eat proper food
Before the day of your blood donation, you should take proper foods which are enriched with the iron. You can take spinach, red meat, eggs, whole grain, fish and many other iron rich foods. You can also take food which is full of calcium. It will help in more blood generation in your body. You can take different kinds of fruits. Many people take Vitamin C supplements also before the blood donation.

Step 4: Take ample water and have a nice sleep
Before the day of your blood donation, both these steps will be crucial. You should hydrate yourself properly by taking ample amount of water and at the same time you should go to sound sleep. It will help you to stay fit on the day of your blood donation and even after blood donation you will not feel any kind of health problems.

You need to be mentally prepared also before donating your blood. If you really want to donate your blood, and you want to know where can I donate blood then, the registered blood banks are the best place to donate the same. Your blood will be properly kept and will be used for the right purpose. Now you are clear about where and “how often can you donate blood”.
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