How many countries are in Oceania with list of Oceanian countries by area

What is Oceania? List of all countries in Oceania and their capitals

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How many countries are in Oceania with list of Oceanian countries by area

How many countries in Oceania
Oceania covers an area of 8,525,989 square kilometers on both sides of eastern and western hemispheres. There are 14 independent countries in Oceania. Total population Oceanian countries are about 40 million.
Geography, History, nature, tribal culture and amazing landscape are the major attractions of oceania countries for tourist. Tourism is the main income source of local in this area. It is highly recommended destination to discover all 14 countries if possible to discover its separate identify in the world.
You can browse the name list of Oceanian countries by area in alphabetical order as follow to know about all countries in Oceania and their capitals.

How many countries are in Oceania
Countries in Oceania                                 Capital cities
Australia                                                         Canberra
Fiji                                                                     Suva
Kiribati                                                           South Tarawa
Marshall Islands                                          Majuro
Micronesia                                                     Palikir
Nauru                                                                Yaren District

New Zealand                                                  Wellington
Palau                                                                  Ngerulmud
Papua New Guinea                                        Port Moresby
Samoa                                                                Apia
Solomon Islands                                           Honiara
Tonga                                                                Nukuʻalofa
Tuvalu                                                               Funafuti
Vanuatu                                                            Port Vila
Dependent Oceania country
Countries                                                                  Capital cities
American Samoa (USA)                                  Pago Pago
Cook Islands (New Zealand)                        Avarua
French Polynesia (France)                           Papeete
Guam (USA)                                                       Hagåtña
New Caledonia (France)                               Nouméa
Niue (New Zealand)                                       Alofi, Niue
Norfolk Island (Australia)                           Kingston
Northern Mariana Islands (USA)              Capitol Hill, Saipan
Pitcairn Islands (UK)                                     Adamstown
Tokelau (New Zealand)                                 Nukunonu
Wallis and Futuna (France)                         Mata-Utu

Where is Oceania located on the world map

Now your interest to know; how many countries make up the continent of Oceania clear you can read detail about this countries go throw the List of countries in Oceania check the Map of Australia and oceania countries and capitals.