How many countries are in Europe with the list of countries in Europe

How many countries are there in Europe & their capitals

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How many countries are in Europe with the list of countries in Europe

Europe is a continent that comprises the westernmost part of Eurasia. Europe is the world’s second-smallest continent. Europe has always been the major epitome of the world’s change from the world history to fashion. The modernization of the world started from here. Talking about Europe, you often come with doubt pop like how many countries are in Europe?, what are the languages spoken in Europe? But of the major question is whether Russia is in Europe? Here you know the List of countries in Europe.
History and things to know about the different European countries
Europe is rich in its history and culture, still prospering the countries of Europe. History of Europe has a lot of different phases from the prehistory period to middle ages and from early modern Europe to revolution, war and Europe today. Europe history has created a great Impact on the world from time to time.

ith the developing of the Europe, revolution and modern conflicts seem inescapable. 1914 breakout of the First World War where the Russian force was defeated and the Soviet Union was formed. Again in 1939 Adolf Hitler initiated Second World War. It evokes the catastrophe for the Jews in Poland. Hitler was defeated. Later in 1946, cold war began due to the political and military tension after Second World War.
Finally the in 1993 the war was over, establishing the European Union.
Culture of Europe
Europe is made up extremely vast culture, religion, and ethnic backgrounds. There are 50 countries and 225 spoken languages. Each country has its own tradition and history contributing in modern Europe as a whole. Most languages of Europe belong to the Indo-European language family
Economy of Europe
The economy of Europe is currently the largest on the earth and the backbone the world economy. According to international monetary fund European Union generates a GDP about € 14.5 trillion. Countries of Europe use the euro as the official currency in a currency union.
European companies rank among the world’s largest companies in terms of turnover and profit. Europe is also the home of many eminent car companies such as BMW group, Audi, and Mercedes.

Is Russia in Europe?
Russia is located in both Europe and Asia, technically called as a Eurasian country. Russia is the largest country in the world and extends from Eastern Europe towards the northern Pacific Ocean. About 25% Russia is in Europe having 78% Russia’s population and 75% in Asia, only 22% of population lives there. Russian cuisine and eating customs are parallel with European traditions. Russia is the largest and most populous in Europe.
How many countries in Europe
Here we are going to make you clear how many countries are in Europe and what are their names listed below.
How many countries are in Europe
Countries in Europe                      Capital cities
Albania                                     Tirana
Andorra                                    Andorra la Vella
Armenia                                    Yerevan
Austria                                      Vienna
Azerbaijan                               Baku
Belarus                                      Minsk
Belgium                                     Brussels
Bosnia and Herzegovina      Sarajevo
Bulgaria                                     Sofia
Croatia                                       Zagreb
Cyprus                                       Nicosia
Czech Republic                       Prague
Denmark                                   Copenhagen
Estonia                                      Tallinn
Finland                                      Helsinki
France                                       Paris
Georgia                                     Atlanta
Germany                                   Berlin
Greece                                       Athens
Hungary                                    Budapest
Iceland                                      Reykjavik
Ireland                                      Dublin
Italy                                          Rome
Latvia                                       Riga
Liechtenstein                        Vaduz
Lithuania                                Vilnius
Luxembourg                           Luxembourg City
Macedonia                              Skopje
Malta                                       Valletta
Moldova                                  Chișinău
Monaco                                  Monaco
Montenegro                         Podgorica
Netherlands                         Amsterdam
Norway                                   Oslo
Poland                                    Warsaw
Portugal                                  Lisbon
Romania                                 Bucharest
Russia                                      Moscow
San Marino                             San Marino
Serbia                                      Belgrade
Slovakia                                   Bratislava
Slovenia                                   Ljubljana
Spain                                        Madrid
Sweden                                    Stockholm
Switzerland                           Bern
Ukraine                                    Kiev
United Kingdom                   London
Vatican City                             Vatican City

Where is Europe located on the world map

Now your interest to know; how many countries make up the continent of Europe clear you can read detail about this countries go throw the List of countries in Europe.