How do you donate bone marrow, transplant & donate bone marrow facts

How old do you have to be to donate bone marrow to a family member

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How do you donate bone marrow, transplant & donate bone marrow facts

Donating your bone marrow is a noble work but only few people know how do you donate bone marrow. It involves following a few formalities. The first thing which is required is for your name to be on the marrow register. Once you have been found as a match for another patient, a sample of your blood will be asked for thus enabling further checks will be made on the type of your tissue to donate bone marrow.
What is the process of donating bone marrow?
Once the type of your tissue is identical to that of the patient who is in need of the bone marrow, you will be chosen as a donator. A proper and full on the medical check will be performed on your body, and if all goes well, you will receive proper counseling for the procedure.

What is the age limit to donate bone marrow?
It is good to be above 18 years to 50 to donate the bone marrow and must be pass the medical examination.
How to donate bone marrow?
The method of donating bone marrow is primarily into classified into two distinct methods. The first one is the most popular one, and it is commonly known as PBSC or peripheral blood stem cell donation. The second type is more direct as it enables the direct donation of your bone marrow.
The first method PBSC follows a process where you have to make a donation of your stem cells right from the blood circulating inside your body. It does not involve any direct donation of your bone marrow, unlike the second method.
Who can donate bone marrow to a family member
Anyone including family members can donate bone marrow or stem cells for family, relative & siblings without any risks but genetic markers have to be similar. No pain during the donation procedure.

Where is bone marrow?
The bone marrow is basically a tissue that is present in the bones and the production of red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. These cells play important roles in the body. Hence, bone marrow is very important part of the body.
How does the transplant take place?
A bone marrow transplant involves the replacement of the unhealthy and old marrow with the healthy and new blood-forming cell. The stem cells or the new blood-forming cells is highly important as they later mature and develop into the platelets, the white blood cells, and the red blood cells.
The tautologous transplant makes use of your cells itself for the transplant whereas the allogeneic transplant stores and makes use of the cells belonging to the members of your family for the transplant.
Is it painful to donate bone marrow?
It is common fear among many people that donating bone marrow might be painful and dangerous. But that is not the case. Donating bone marrow is a very noble cause and should be done by everyone. Many people ask how much do you make when you donate bone marrow? in fact donation never paid back. Now you are clear about how do you donate bone marrow; then let’s go to donate bone marrow give people healthy life.

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