Home decor wall paper price Nepal to buy interior wallpaper in Nepal

Best wallpaper shops in Nepal to purchase wall stickers online wallpapers in Nepal

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Home decor wall paper price Nepal to buy interior wallpaper in Nepal

All about online wallpaper seller Nepal
The purpose of wall stickers in Nepal explanation is to help to purchase the best interior wallpaper in Nepal for decoration. The wall stickers in Nepal also vary based on the material that has been used to make them such as vinyl, PVC and other materials. When vinyl is used to make the interior wall stickers it cannot be recycled or reused.

Interior wall sticker definition
Interior wall stickers are also identified as wall decal, wall vinyl or wall tattoo. It is a sticker or decoration that is attached on the wall or any other surface that is smooth for the purpose of providing information or for decoration purposes. The wall stickers in Nepal are cut by the use of specialized machines like the vinyl cutting machines. Wall decals are available in different sizes as well as types such as the one color and the multiple colour wallpaper in Nepal.

Price list of best wall stickers in Nepal for home decor

01: wallpaper for living room Nepal price start from Rs 7500 per roll
02: wall stickers price in Nepal start from Rs 500
03: 3D wallpaper in Nepal price start from Rs 2000

Types of interior wall stickers
The interior wall stickers in Nepal come on assorted sizes as well as designs. They can vary from simple designs to extremely complex ones. The size can be as tiny as a painting size and as large as an entire wall depending on the preference of the individual and the size of the area they want to cover. The average size of interior wallpapers in Nepal is about thirty by fifty centimetres or sixty by a hundred centimeters. The huge wallpapers in Nepal can be as huge as a hundred by a hundred centimeters.

The adhesive used at the back of the wallpaper in order to attach it to the smooth surface eventually wears out when the vinyl wallpapers become re-positioned several times. Vinyl is however not ideal for use in huge wall decals as when not properly handled it can easily tear, stick on another part of the back or even stretch hence losing shape. The finishing on the wallpaper can be done using a variety of elements such as mirroring effect, glitter or metallic effect to enhance the appearance.

Tips to select best interior wallpaper in Nepal to buy to decorate the room
When planning to purchase interior wallpapers in Nepal rather than the appearance of the wallpaper and the material used to make it there are other factors that should be put under consideration. Make a choice of where you want to place the wallpaper, after identifying take the measurements of the size needed and consider the most appropriate shape. Consider the existing theme in the room or the moods you want to set them decide on a colour scheme or one color.
I think this post is useful for you to be clear about interior wallpaper in Nepal and helps you to purchase wallpaper in Nepal. if you need even more information consult the nearest interior designers in Nepal.

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