History of radio Nepal with list of top 10 radio stations in Nepal

All Nepali radio stations in Nepal to listen live FM online radio Nepal Kathmandu

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History of radio Nepal with list of top 10 radio stations in Nepal

How many radio stations in Nepal to listen live radio
In a country where hills and mountains form a major portion of the terrain, reaching many places is difficult. Many areas remain remote in Nepal with hardly anyone except the hikers reaching them. But there is one thing that can cross all these hurdles and reach them and that is the broadcast from radios. This has been and still is the cheapest form of mass communication in Nepal.

With such terrains, even TV broadcast fails to reach many places. Radio stations in Nepal have been the only source of news and entertainment for much of Nepal’s population residing in the remote mountains. History of radio Nepal with list of top 10 radio stations in NepalRadio Nepal frequency cannot cover whole Nepal. There are many FM and online radio stations in Nepal to listen news and music live.
History of radio in Nepal
Radio and democracy probably arrived together in Nepal. The Nepali Congress Party was on a protest against the regime. They were using the radio transmission program named Prajatantra Nepal Radio along with the freedom fighters. That was the beginning of radio transmission in Nepal. This was supported by the people too. The operation was shifted to Kathmandu and Radio Nepal came into existence on 2nd April 1951.
In the history of radio, Nepal FM radio broadcasting started in 1995. Their numbers have grown to over fifty today. FM radio broadcasts programs that are more liked by the youth and the numbers of radio stations are increasing. Radio Nepal is only radio stations at the beginning. Now there are many radio broadcast and FM Stations in Nepal beyond Kathmandu valley providing up-to-date news and entertainment unlimited for local people.

List of top radio stations in Nepal

There are a lot of radio stations in Nepal which are airing quality programs to the pleasure of the people. Let us see the top 10 radio stations in Nepal.
01: Radio Nepal
it carry the history of radio stations in Nepal. when FM radio stations and online radio stations in Nepal start to broadcast the news, its popularity decreasing day by day. it is related to the government of Nepal providing information and entertainment to the people.
02: Radio Kantipur
The top radio station providing all-around entertainment, news and religious programs. it is one of the Nepal’s most listened Radio Station.

03: Ujyaalo 90 Network
It is another popular Nepali all fm radio station, gives importance to political news and talk shows.
04: Kalika FM
This Fm stations of Nepal broadcasts news, entertainment and music programs in different languages.

05: Nepal FM
This is a wholesome station providing news, information, talk shows and music.
06: Radio Annapurna
The station gives a lot of importance to Nepali folk songs and modern songs.

07: Image News FM
This station airs the latest political and social views and talk shows.
08: Hits FM 91.2
Music is what they concentrate on. It is another widely popular radio station in Nepal because it broadcast 24 hours.

09: Radio Sagarmatha
Radio Sagarmatha is the first community radio station in South Asia, it is one of the best FM radio stations in Kathmandu Nepal broadcast on 102.4 MHz.
10: Radio Audio
Radio station of radio audio FM located in Kathmandu, Nepal broadcast on 106.3 MHz. This station provides community news, music, talk and music programs.

These are the top ten radio stations listened by most people, but all stations do enjoy their own listeners in selected areas. Each district have at least one FM radio stations in Nepal that covers local news, music and more. People who live in abroad they listen from top online radio stations in Nepal or online steaming of different radio stations in Kathmandu.
I think you are clear about the all AM / FM radio stations in Nepal as well as the history of radio Nepal. If you wants to know even more information of online radio stations from Nepal to listen live radio check the radio station name list online or consult the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Nepal.

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