History of Nepal television with top 10 television channels in Nepal

Top Nepali television stations of TV networks online television station in Nepal

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History of Nepal television with top 10 television channels in Nepal

All about top television company in Nepal
I am going to write a paragraph about television in Nepal to inform you the history and current situation of television channels of Nepal. Television is a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. From humble beginnings, the media has become one of the most widespread and most watched. The opportunities are many and companies and broadcasters didn’t fail to make use of the opportunities.
The effects of a visual message are much greater than anything else. Television does that and it has managed to influence and change the minds of the people. Companies and government have used it to their advantage. The media is still growing everywhere despite the advent of the internet. Television in Nepal is also growing day by day.

History of television in Nepal
Television came to Nepal much later than many countries. The first television channel in Nepal was Nepal Television which is owned by the government of Nepal. The first broadcast started in January 1985. The government-owned channel had the monopoly over this medium for fifteen years. Subsequently, other private channels started appearing.
Nepali Television has earned the reputation of airing many informative programs about Nepal. It has put efforts to showcase the culture and history of the country and their importance by producing many documentaries on the subject.
Nepali citizens welcomed TV with open arms like most of the public everywhere in the world. Once the medium was opened there were many cable channels which made their appearance. When the monopoly of Nepal Television was removed it marked another stepping stone in the history of Nepal television. Many private television channels made their appearance. As the years went by the standard of the TV programs improved and people were able to enjoy multiple TV channels in Nepal.

Top 10 television channels in Nepal

Television in Nepal is still dominated by the three government-owned television channels – Nepal Television, NTV Plus and NTV News. NTV Plus was started in 2003 and NTV News in 2014.
While NTV Plus concentrated on airing programs that attracted the youth, including sports and musical programs, NTV News is a 24-hour news channel broadcasting national, local and international news. Top 10 television broadcasting in Nepal are listed below.

List of television in Nepal

01: Nepal Television
02: Kantipur Television
03: Image Channel
04: Avenues Television
05: ABC TV Nepal
06: News 24 Television
07: NTV Plus
08: Himalaya Television
09: Sagarmatha Television
10: AP1 Television

Beside that Nepal1, Channel Nepal, Terai Television, Apaan TV. Total number of television channels in Nepal are many but we just selected most popular television channels of Nepal. Topping the private channels is Kantipur Television Network which was started in 2003. It airs many interesting programs and news. They started broadcasting in HD in 2017. The channel is licensed for terrestrial and satellite broadcast. They have played an important role in the history of television in Nepal.
Another channel that has played important role in the history of television in Nepal is Image Channel. They started off airing interesting programs of pop, women, culture etc. through Nepal Television before starting their own broadcast. I think after reading this post you are clear about television history in Nepal as well as the television channels in Nepal. If you need even more information of all television company in Nepal contact the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Nepal.

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