History of Christians in Nepal with growth of Christianity in Nepal

About Christian society Nepal with the spread list of churches in Nepal

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History of Christians in Nepal with growth of Christianity in Nepal

Fastest growth Christianity Nepal and the number of churches in Nepal
There are many churches in Nepal with very fast rate of spread of Christianity in Nepal. According to 2011 census conducted in Nepal, Christianity in Nepal is considered to be the 5th most practiced religion. It comprises of 1.4% of the total population or 375,699 adherents. But this number is seen to be growing at a steady pace. It is claimed that non-Hindus are under-reported in the country’s census reports. Observers even report the population to be at about 1 million.
Majority of the Christians in Nepal are Evangelical Protestants, which broadly includes Pentecostals and Charismatics. Also is present a small Catholic Nepali population of roughly about 10,000.

History of Christianity in Nepal

The very first Christian mission visited Nepal in 1715 by the Catholic Capuchin friars and worked in Kathmandu Valley. With the country’s unification in 168-69, the Capuchins got expelled. For the next 2 centuries, all Christian groups had been banned officially for carrying out their missionary work.
Later foreign missionaries were allowed to enter the country after the 1951 revolution to perform their social service work. However, conversion and proselytization was legally prohibited. In 1990, with the introduction of multiparty democracy rule, relaxation on the conversion restrictions was removed. It is from this period that the Nepali church started rapid growth and Christian society in Nepal increased steadily.

Legal and political situation for churches in Nepal

The country’s constitution had earlier passed on laws banning of conversion in the country and were in full force even after the 1951 revolution and got reaffirmed with the 1963 legal code. Until 1990, laws were stricter concerning conversions and made it illegal to do so, inviting fines and penalties for those who tried to convert and those who got converted.

A new constitution was set up after the 1990 democracy movement that decriminalized religious conversions. The 2007 interim constitution adopted after the 2006 democracy movement was quite identical to that of the 1990 code in such respects. Nepal was also proclaimed to be a secular state with guarantees offered on religious freedom, which was retained by the 2015 constitution.

However, between 1990 & mid 2010, the law on proselytism more or less remained unenforced. This helped the Christian missionaries to operate without governmental interference and helped in the growth of the number of conversions and adherents.
This newly secular country is yet to accept this new religion and provide it with sufficient freedom to carry out its social work and missionary activities.

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