Himalayan honey hunting trek an unusual adventure holidays in Nepal

All about wild honey hunting tour in Nepal

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Himalayan honey hunting trek an unusual adventure holidays in Nepal

A uniquely different and special trekking stuff that has been recently brought into the interest of trekking lovers, Honey hunting trek offers a perfect blend of trekking adventure and stirring honey hunting recital performed by the indigenous Nepalese community especially of Magars and Gurungs in hilly region of Nepal. Honey hunting trekking is amazingly gratifying as you will be, by all means, treated with exotic trekking endeavor and enthralling honey hunting show.

Honey hunting has been the ancestral job for the people of most of the village areas of Nepal and at places it is generously performed. Basically, honey hunting has been intensively carried out in the villages of Bhujung, Pasgaon, and Chhumrung by the local Magar and Gurung people.
This exciting tradition of honey hunting involves harvesting of honey from the bee hives that clings on hilly and rocky cliffs at hundred meters of height. A team of honey hunters involving 2-5 members actively entail in this task.

They use bamboo rope ladder to reach out for the bee hives high above the ground while some members stay down to collect the honey and hold the rope. Smoke is used to wipe out the bees from the hives. The act looks daredevilry and enthralling which you will find richly alluring.

Besides the honey hunting stuffs visitors can explore the local people, culture and nature closely. Trip enchanted with the clear and striking panorama of many Himalayan peaks that includes Annapurna range, Manaslu, Himalchuli, Ganesh, and possibly others. Base Camp Excursion, a premium adventure service provider can arrange honey hunting trek during the wild honey hunting season in any above listed places on demand.

Honey hunting trek itinerary

Day 01: Arrival day in Kathmandu Nepal
Day 02: Drive from Kathmandu to Besishahar (760m)
Day 03: Trek from Besishahar to Ghalegaun (2050m)
Day 04: Trek from Ghalegaun to Bhujung (2437m)
Day 05: Trek from Bhujung to Thaku Bhir, honey hunting spot
Day 06: Explore Thaku Bhir and preparation for honey hunting
Day 07: Honey hunting day
Day 08: Trek from Thaku Bhir to Bhujung (2437m)
Day 09: Trek from Bhujung to Besishahar (760m)
Day 10: Drive from Besishar to Kathmandu

Wild honey hunting tour in Nepal is one of the unusual but best adventure holidays in the world. Adventurers get involve in activity to collect Honey from the nests of wild bees built on steep cliffs, trip led by the Local expert honey hunter. Experience the Unusual Adventure Holidays in Nepal Himalayas.

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