Himalaya organic coffee beans price Nepal to buy best coffee in Nepal

All about Nepal organic coffee products Himalayan organic coffee in Nepal

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Himalaya organic coffee beans price Nepal to buy best coffee in Nepal

Himalayan organic coffee produced in Nepal
Actually; shocking aroma of Himalayan organic coffee Nepal attract the attention of many coffee lovers all over the world. It increase the demand of organic coffee of Nepal, as a result many Nepalese farmers started coffee farming in Nepal. Popularity of coffee business in Nepal increasing between villagers that produce organic Himalayan Arabica the best coffee in Nepal. Increasing ratio of coffee production in Nepal may address the needed quantity in global market.

Organic coffee Introduction
Organic coffee is the term that is used to describe coffee that has been cultivated naturally in absence of artificial chemicals or substances that are added such as herbicides or pesticides. The most common type of coffee produced is the Himalayan organic coffee in Nepal. This type of organic coffee in Nepal is especially popular due to the fact that it is cultivated using methods that help in eradicating global warming.

Price list by types of coffee in Nepal

Price of coffee beans per kg in Nepal depends on its quality and grade.
01: A grade: coffee beans price in Nepal start from US$
02: B grade: coffee beans price in Nepal start from US$
03: C grade: coffee beans price in Nepal start from US$
04: Green coffee beans in Nepal start from US$

This type of coffee is the most exported from Nepal and it earns the country a substantial amount of revenue as compared to the other types of organic coffee in Nepal. The cultivation of this coffee has empowered the farmers and given them an opportunity to be employed and earn a decent living. This is considered the best organic coffee in Nepal.

History of coffee production Nepal
In Nepal coffee cultivation is still something that they are not used to. The first coffee seeds were planted in 1938 AD in Gulmi and Aapchaur by Hira Giri who was a hermit. He had acquired the seeds from Sindu province which is located in Myanmar which was by then being referred to as Buma. It was not until the 1970’s that the coffee plant remained being a mystery plant in Nepal without being noticed till forty years later when farmers shared it still as a mystery plant.

It was not till the end of the 1970s that the Nepal government imported coffee seeds from India that coffee became recognized as a commercial plant. The middle of the 1980s is when coffee became acknowledged as a commercial plant in Nepal after the NeCCo (Nepal Coffee Company) was formed in 1983-1984 in Rupandehi district, Manigram. The company was responsible for collecting the cherries from the farmers them processing them for local use.

The coffee farmers were still not certain that coffee could be a viable source of income till 2000 due to the many challenges experienced in the market. After 2002 the consumption level domestically and the export level increased which motivated many farmers to engage in coffee farming.

Which district is famous for coffee in Nepal
A coffee development programme was introduced in the country by the ministry of agriculture in Nepal an attempt to motivate and support farmers. Coffee cultivation has since spread out to more than forty districts in Nepal the leading districts being Lalitpur, Gulmi, Palpa, Shyangja, Kaski, Sidhupalchowk and Kavre district of Nepal.

You can take the taste of Nepali coffee in top 10 best places for coffee in Kathmandu. Among of them Himalayan java coffee, Tridevi marg , Thamel, Kathmandu is quite popular than others. It is very difficult to inform the largest producer of coffee in Nepal because coffee collector are very strong then procedures due to the syndicate in commodity.

It is possible to coffee export from Nepal. You can check the coffee production area in map of Nepal. I feel happy to share information about Himalayan organic coffee in Nepal with you. if you need even more knowledge on Himalayan organic coffee in Nepal contact coffee suppliers online to buy best coffee in Nepal.

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