Handmade woolen sweaters price Nepal to buy woolen sweaters in Nepal

Best Nepal wool sweater online high quality men's & women's sweaters in Nepal

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Handmade woolen sweaters price Nepal to buy woolen sweaters in Nepal

Nepal Woolen Products to buy woolen clothes in Nepal online
It is very difficult to tell you exact data how many woolen sweaters in Nepal buy and sell each year. But it is sure that there are many woolen sweaters manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters in Nepal. Among of them Nepal wool house is the perfect to get the original quality men’s & women’s sweaters in Nepal but products are very expensive for average income people. If your pocket is not strong search other Nepal sweaters wholesale store. You can compare price and quality of sweaters according to your needs on online shopping sites Nepal.
Wool is a gift from nature to man to keep himself warm in cold weather. Most of the wool that we wear come from sheep. However, there is also other wool available in the market. Wool has been in use from around 3000 BC. There are many ancient civilizations that have used wool as an insulating garment.

Price list of woolen sweaters in Nepal

01: the best men’s sweaters in Nepal prices start from Rs 799
02: The best women’s sweaters in Nepal prices start from Rs 775
03: The best kids sweaters in Nepal prices start from Rs 500
Why wear wool in winter in Nepal?
Wool has certain characteristics which are not found in any of the synthetic fibers that have been produced. Wool is insulating. It has tiny air spaces that keep heat and protect us from the cold. Wool is also water repellent and hence there is no fear of it getting wet. While fabrics like cotton absorb moisture from our perspiration and become wet, wool wicks away perspiration and allow it to evaporate quickly and keeps us dry.

Wool is breathable and hence keeps us warm in cold conditions and breathes well in warm temperatures. This makes it good in both cold and warm conditions. Wool also doesn’t retain odor like other fabrics. All these characteristics make wool the ideal fabric for winter. Being a cold country, woolen sweaters in Nepal are available in many varieties.

How many types of wool are there?
There are many types of wool including the popular sheep’s wool.
Sheep’s Wool
This is the most popular kind because of its low cost and easy availability. This is got from the fleece of sheep. It is very good for the cold. Sweaters in Nepal are mostly made with this wool.

Lamb’s Wool
This wool comes from the first shearing of the lamb when it is only a few months old. This is softer and less prone to shrinkage. This is not so easily available and hence more expensive.

Merino Wool
This comes from Merino sheep. This has smaller scales and finer hairs and hence not so bulky. This is also less prone to shrinkage. This is used in athletic gear.

Cashmere Wool
This is got from a Cashmere goat / sheep. This is the most luxurious wool produced. It has fine hair, less itchy and more durable. This is very expensive as it is rare and hard to produce. The above are the common types of wool while there are others too like Mohair, Angora,and Alpaca.

Woolen sweaters in Nepal

There are many manufacturers and dealers of woolen sweaters in Nepal. Sweater price in Nepal varies with the type of wool and the style of garment you want to buy. The sweater is a very useful garment in Nepal due to the cold climate which is prevalent in almost everywhere in the mountainous country.

I think after reading this post you are clear about best Nepal wool sweater to buy online. It helps all to find the high quality men’s & women’s sweaters in Nepal. Compare price and reviews online woolen sweaters product Nepal to gather information before purchase the best handmade sweaters in Nepal.

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