Handmade textiles of natural fibres hemp and nettle products in Nepal

Nepal fabric suppliers Eco-friendly products made from nettle & hemp in Nepal

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Handmade textiles of natural fibres hemp and nettle products in Nepal

All about eco-friendly natural fibre products in Nepal
If you are searching Himalayan nettle fibers or nettle fabric / Hemp textiles made from natural fibres then hemp and nettle products in Nepal are suit your need. These days the fiber of Nettle “Urtica dioica” or Hemp “Cannabis Sativa” going popular in Nepal in between tourist. Hemp is the material that is derived from the fibres of the cannabis plant stem. Many people have given this material a bad rap due to the fact they are related closely with its cousin that is psychotropic.

Some of the products that can be made from hemp are paper, fabrics and ropes. There is a wide variety of eco-friendly products in Nepal that can be made from hemp and Nettle using the hands. The Nettle & hemp products in Nepal are unique and like no other products due to their exquisiteness, eco-friendliness and durability.
Crocheted hemp loofa
This loofa is an ideal tool that can be used for removing or scrubbing the rough skins found on the joints and feet. The stitches used on it are identical to the ones that are made on dish washing cloth. In order to create the best crocheted hemp loofa one has to first find the best hemp material for making it then use expert handiwork while constructing it. The outcome of the product is similar to those in the vintage stores and all you will need is some stitching skills and some hemp material in Nepal.

Woven chair hammock
It is very easy to do a DIY (Do It Yourself) hammock project at home with the use of a few wood pieces and hemp ropes. The outcome of this project usually looks like something picked from a designer store with unique patterns that are custom made. The hammock needs to be tightly and properly tied on the wood to ensure that you or your friends do not fall off and end up on the ground. This eco-friendly products in Nepal is ideal for sitting on the porch while relaxing or you can give it out to a family member or friend as a gift from Nepal.

Why hemp and nettle products are popular
Hemp and nettle products in Nepal are very popular due to the fact that these two materials are children friendly, environment friendly and can be easily recycled. Products made from these materials are extremely durable exceeding even the durability of the cotton material. Hemp was used for the first ever known woven products which were the original denim jeans known as Levi Strauss. Nettle and hemp are extremely strong, flexible and resistant to damage by water.

Only few people know that it is possible to make verity of hemp product in Nepal from hemp clothing made from stinging-nettle fiber. There are few companies in Nepal they produce hemp and nettle febrics. I think after reading this post you are clear about wild fibres nettle products in Nepal a well as hemp products in Nepal. If you need even more information about natural fibres from nettle and hemp contact Himalayan natural fibres sellers, exporter and manufactures in Nepal.

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