Gov job vacancy, grade & salary scale list of Government jobs in Nepal

Nepal government job vacancies with new salary scale of Government officials Nepal

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Gov job Vacancy, grade & salary scale list of Government jobs in Nepal

Educated youths first choice is the Government jobs in Nepal. if they cannot find job in government sector they try in private firms. Some are professional in specific subject they work in different sector according to the specialization such as doctor, engineers, nurse, It professional etc.
Earlier, most of the Nepalese were uneducated, so due to lack of education, they did not have interest in private and government jobs. Now, education system is improving in Nepal and people are trying to provide best education to their sons and daughters. New generation is highly interested in various types of jobs in Nepal.
Nepal is a poor country and agriculture is the main occupation of about 75 percent people in Nepal. 25 percent Nepalese people are in other professions. Nepal is an underdeveloped country, however, it creates many job opportunities for its citizens.
Nepalese are quite interested in Nepal government jobs. There are a large number of prerequisites for government jobs Nepal. These prerequisites include Nepali Citizenship Card, documentation process, Address Proof etc.
Government jobs Nepal
There are many advantages of government job in Nepal. So, when compared to the private jobs, most of the Nepalese people prefer government jobs. Some of the reasons for preferring government jobs in Nepal are as following:

01: There are lots of holidays in government jobs.
02: There are many paid leaves in government jobs.
03: Working hours are fixed and flexible in government jobs.
04: Employees get extra pay for every extra hour they spend at office.
05: Employees enjoy various facilities (………………).
06: In private sector, employees are encouraged to become workaholic and jobs are insecure.
07: Government job employees have more time to spend with family.
08: Government job employees have free time for personal needs and hobbies.
09: Employees in government sector develop social relations at their office while in private sector; everyone is very busy and competing with the other person.
10: In government jobs, jobs are more secure and employees have peace of mind. So, quality of life is better for government employees.

One of the most sought after career paths for youth in Nepal is career in the Nepalese government sector. Nepal government keeps announcing various job vacancies from time to time. The most attractive and high paying government jobs for the Nepalese youth are administrative services, Energy and Petroleum, defense jobs, bank jobs, and teaching jobs. For the young, talented job seekers in Nepal, numerous government job vacancies have been announced in Nepal.

Lok Sewa Aayog announced annual vacancies for various positions. Almost all countries create government jobs for their own citizens, but, Indian government allows Nepalese to apply for some government jobs in India. Same is not possible for Indian citizens in Nepal. They cannot apply for and join government jobs in Nepal.

New scale salary of government officials of Nepal