Gemstones shopping store in Nepal to buy original Gemstones in Nepal

Gemstone price in Nepal at gemstone shop Kathmandu for buying gemstones in Nepal

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Gemstones shopping store in Nepal to buy original Gemstones in Nepal

Nepal is a diverse not only for natural and cultural resources but also there are large scale of mineral deposits still unidentified. There are utmost chance to have huge reserve of gemstones in Nepal. The main industries to generate the income in Nepal are agriculture and tourism. Tourism industry of Nepal and interest of foreigners on gemstones going to introduce the Himalayan gemstones industry all over the world slowly.
Lack of the modern technology, resource, expertise and professional researcher, so many valuable things hidden inside Nepal. Unstable political situation, corruption and vision less politicians pushing back so many things in Nepal. The gemstones in Nepal have the possibility of being a large industry in the country.

There is not good connection with international market to sell the mineral based products from Nepal. Gemstones shopping store in Nepal to buy original Gemstones in NepalMain problems encounter in process of production mostly end up producing their products straight from the mines. Nepali gemstone or mineral based industries of Nepal depends on the local market at this moment.
If government make the good policy to broaden its market worldwide, than really bright future of gemstones industries of Nepal to generate the income. Let’s check what gemstones are found in Nepal.
List of minerals found in Nepal
Type of gemstones found in Nepal are still in the process of being exploited such as Ruby, Aguamarine, Tourmaline, Kyanite, Rock crystal, Heliodor, Sapphire, Quartz, Garnet, Eolite, Amazonite, Grossular, Spessartine, Spinel Quartz, Rutile, Amethist, Agate, Labrodrite, Smoki Topaz, Hessonite,  Danburite, Hangbergite, Amazonite, Epidote, beryl and citrine etc.

Guide for buying gemstones in Nepal

People believe that gemstones have the capability to increase the strength in a planet. It is important to select carefully to take its full advantage that required. Like the adage goes, “all that glitters is not gold!” So every item being sold as gemstone in the market are not original gemstone in Nepal.

There are various aspects that one needs to carefully analyse such as the quality of colour, lustre, shine and durability of the gemstone prior to purchasing it. Better to buy the gemstone in Nepal at trusted best place to buy.

How to identify original gemstones in Nepal

To avoid getting duped into buying fake gemstones there are a number of tests you can conduct to verify their authenticity. A magnifying glass or the naked eye can be used to check for any inclusions, cuts, scratches, chippings, black spots or marks.

The magnifying glass should also be used to check the real colour of the gemstones. Despite many of them being treated to enhance the colour one can differentiate precious & semi-precious original gemstone in Nepal as they do not have color concentrations or irregular opacity.

Current Status Mineral Resources of Nepal

The mineral resources of Nepal are limited and not as large as many people tend to imagine. Majority of the minerals available are non-metallic. Nepal is positioned in area that is tectonically active so the mineral deposits cannot be large enough.

Majority of the original Gemstones in Nepal are sold as raw as they have been extracted from the mine which is not a refined quality and the shaping is not accurate. The gemstones are sold at a considerably low price as compared to when the gemstones are sold in the international market where they are cut, polished and shaped then resold at a much larger price.

Gemstones shopping store in Nepal

There are limited gemstones shopping center in Nepal. Mainly touristic area of Kathmandu and Pokhara valley there are some stores sell the gemstones in Nepal. Nepal Gem and Jewellery Association is the umbrella foundation of mineral based industries in Nepal.

The price of gemstones in Nepal is depends on the selection and the quality of Himalayan gemstones in Nepal. I think given article may helps you to find the best gemstone dealers in Nepal to buy original gemstones in Nepal in competitive price.

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