Gaming graphic card price in Nepal to buy best graphics card in Nepal

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Gaming graphic card price in Nepal to buy best graphics card in Nepal

All about best graphics cards in Nepal
A graphic card is also known as a graphics adapter, display card, display adapter or a video card. Graphic card in Nepal is a device that is used to generate feed by displaying output images on devices such as a computer monitor. The graphic card is the tool used by the computer in order to convert raw data into images that can be displayed on the monitor.

The computation in the graphic card is done by use of the GPU (graphics Processing Unit). The function of the graphic card is not limited to displaying of output only but can be used for other functions like the extraction of the output from the CPU of the computer or extra processing. In the present day graphic cards in Nepal are used for additional tasks in computing, graphics processing and tasks that are not graphic related.

Price list of available graphics card in Nepal

Let’s check different brands 3GB, 16GB, 6GB, 2gb, 4gb graphics card price in Nepal.
01: Asus graphics card price in Nepal start from Rs 17700
02: ZOTAC graphics card price in Nepal start from Rs 7000
03: MSI graphics card price in Nepal start from Rs 35000
04: Amd graphic card price in Nepal start from Rs 6000
05: NVIDIA graphic card price in Nepal start from Rs 5000

Graphic card invention history
Prior to the invention of the graphic cards graphics were employed together with computer hardware’s. The invention of the first graphic card emerged in the 1940s when they were first tried out in computers. The first graphic card invented was referred to as the Whirlwind I and was specifically designed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the U.S Navy. The Whirlwind I had the capability to locate things since it was a flight simulator.

Types of graphics cards
There are several types of video graphic cards in Nepal to select from. In order for one to competently say that they know the best graphic card in Nepal to buy they need to fully comprehend the differences between the various types in terms of functioning as well as the features available. Graphic cards are usually available in four main types namely integrated, PCI, AGP and PCI express.

Majority of computers use this type of graphic card to display images on their monitors. Integrated graphic cards are connected to the motherboard of the computer and in order to upgrade it a new one has to be plugged in the motherboard of the computer. The old card can be removed or the computer can be used to ignore it and the new one selected as the default.They are not the best since they require frequent updating in order for them to play recent games, videos or images.

These types of graphic cards make use of PCI slots located on the motherboard to make the connection with the computer. They are an old version of technology that has not been advanced in years. In order to update one needs to purchase a new card then plug it in.

When you reach at the end of this post, I think you definitely get some knowledge about graphic card in Nepal. It helps you to buy best graphic card in Nepal for your computer. If you need even more information about this computing appliances contact local supplier to buy the best graphics card in Nepal.