Furniture showroom sofa set price Nepal to buy best sofa set in Nepal

Latest model sofa set furniture stores to buy home furniture sofa set in Nepal

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Furniture showroom sofa set price Nepal to buy best sofa set in Nepal

Do you know how select the best sofa set in Nepal for your home or business? Read from beginning to end of article to gather all information to purchase the latest model sofa set in Nepal with price. The sofa is also known as a settee or couch and is a furniture piece that can help seat 2 to 4 people. It has the appearance of that of a bench, having armrests and is entirely or partially upholstered, fitted with tailored cushions and springs.
Besides seating, it is also used to sleep. They are generally used in the living room, family room, the lounge or den. At times, they are also used in non-residential settings like commercial office lobbies, bars, waiting rooms and hotels. Sofa set in Nepal is quite popular among all segments of people.

Price list of available sofa set in Nepal

01: Latest model sofa set in Nepal price start from Rs 85700
02: New sofa set price in nepal start from Rs 125000
03: Office sofa set price in Nepal start from Rs 7500
04: Disco sofa set price in Nepal start from Rs 30000
05: L Sofa set price in Nepal start from Rs 29999

Its history
The term settee and sofa generated in the UK, while couch is used predominantly in South Africa, North America, Australia and Ireland. Originally, it denoted furniture to sleep or lie upon, similar to that of the chaise longue. The term sofa is a Turkish word and has been derived from ‘suffa’ (wool), an Arabic word. It is said to have its origination from sippa (mat), an Aramaic word.

According to experts, the main difference between sofa and couch is that the latter is used to recline or lie upon, while the sofa is used as an upholstered furniture piece, installed at the family room. The French craftsmen were said to have dominated production of sofas during the 17th century. The best sofa set in Nepal is now available at affordable rates.

Types of sofa set in Nepal
The two-seater also known as the love seat that is designed to seat two persons is considered to be a commonly sold one. A sectional sofa is one that is designed to have multiple sections, like 2, 3 or 4 and includes at least 2 pieces to join at 90 degree angle or slightly greater. It is used for wrapping around other furniture or walls.

The other type of variants may include the fainting couch (partial backed or backless), the canapé (ornamental 3 seater) and the divan. Some sofas also are designed to double as beds and can be found as futons, daybeds or sofa beds. This is to conserve precious space. Available all types sofa set in Nepal to buy online or furniture showroom Kathmandu Nepal.

Materials used
The couch comprises of the frame, covering and the padding. Wood is generally used to make the frame. They can also be made from laminated boards, plastic or steel. Padding is generally made from feathers, down, foam fabric or probably combination of all. The coverings are made from linen fabric covering, corduroy or soft leather.
To ensure purchasing the best sofa set in Nepal, it is necessary to check out the seat depth , which should be at least 60cm., a good frame, cushion and quality fabric.

I think after reading this post you are able to select the best sofa set in Nepal to buy online. If you need even more information about sofa set in Nepal visit nearest furniture stores to buy latest model sofa set in Nepal.

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