Full body ayurvedic massage in Nepal at best massage center Kathmandu

Best massage centre Nepal provide massage service in Nepal & massage therapy in Nepal

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Full body ayurvedic massage in Nepal at best massage center Kathmandu Nepal

Where can I get a body massage in Kathmandu Nepal
Well, would like to know about massage service in Nepal go through this post. There are many Ayurvedic massage parlor in Kathmandu, Nepal. They do provide best Massage therapy in Nepal. Local and tourist visit massage in Nepal before and after trek mainly for massage therapy. If you need full body massage center search cheap and best place for online appointment for massage in Nepal.

Massage therapy definition
The process of manually manipulating the body’s soft tissues like ligaments, muscles, tendons and connective tissue in order to promote the well being and enhance the health of an individual in what is referred to as massage therapy. Massage therapy is available in many administration techniques referred to as modalities.
Individuals undergo massage therapy in Nepal for varied reasons such as to rehabilitate injuries, enhance the health, promote well-being, minimize the pain intensity, decrease the stress levels and muscle relaxation. The best massage canter in Nepal consists of health professionals who are responsible for administering the massage therapy.

Average price of Massage therapy in Nepal

Massage parlour in Kathmandu or Pokhara Nepal offers verity of massage service in Nepal like full body, specific part of body, traditional, hot stone and with use of different types of herbal and essential oils. Cost of massage therapy depends of which type of service you prefer. Average price of massage start from NPR 700 to 10000.

Types of massage therapy
There are many different types of massages that are administered in massage therapy but they can mainly be broadly categorized into two types namely the relaxation massage and the rehabilitative massage. The relaxation massage is often identified as the Swedish massage. This type of massage is mainly conducted in resorts, spas and wellness centers for the sole purpose of relaxing the muscles. The rehabilitative massage is mainly conducted in hospitals, chiropractic offices and clinics. It is also known as clinical massage, deep tissue massage or therapeutic massage.

 History of massage
The invention of massage can be dated back to hundreds of decades ago to the cultures that deemed massage beneficial to health. The first regions that are associated with the invention of massage therapy are Egypt and China. In 2700 BCE “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine” was written by the Chinese and later in 1949 the book became published in English.

The book has been greatly used as a source of training and reference for teaching alternative therapies of treatment like herbology, acupressure and acupuncture in Nepal. In Egypt the paintings on the wall show massage therapy to have been part of the traditional treatment methods by 2500 BCE especially the reflexology massage therapy in Nepal.

The aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage, Shiatsu massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage and reflexology. When rehabilitating from injuries the Swedish massage therapy is the most ideal since it is based on the Asian and western concepts of physiology and anatomy. It makes use of five strokes namely vibration, friction, effleurage, tapotement and petrissage to massage the different body muscles.

Do not accept the extra services in the massage parlours because it carry different types extra services and money. We will update the List of best massage parlours in Kathmandu, Nepal soon. I think after reading this post you are clear about best massage centre Nepal provide massage service in Nepal & massage therapy in Nepal. If you are searching the short term massage therapist training or long term massage therapy courses in Nepal consult the popular massage in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

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