Fishing equipment shop Nepal to buy rod for fly fishing in Nepal

Nepal fishing trip at best fishing spot for Himalayan Mahseer fishing tour in Nepal

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Fishing equipment shop Nepal to buy rod for fly fishing in Nepal

Need to know traditional fishing trip in Nepal
Please come to know about fresh water fishing in Nepal. There are many fresh water fishing spot in Nepal. Among of them most popular fishing trip Nepal are trout fishing in Nepal as well as Mahseer fishing in Nepal. The man has indulged in fishing from time immemorial as it is one of the most popular foods consumed all over the world. Other than this fishing has also become a very popular sport across the globe. Recreational fishing or sport-fishing is done in many countries. This is normally done using the rod, reel, line and hooks. This form of fishing is called angling.

People indulge in both freshwater and marine fishing as a sport. There is the practice of fishing from the banks as well as from a boat out in the waters. There is no clear evidence of how fishing became a sport. However, has developed into a very popular sport and people travel long distance for this.
Fishing tourism is traveling to different locations for indulging in sport-fishing. This is done for different purposes. People travel for fishing different species of fishes. They search across the globe for different species of fish. The season is another influence on fishing tourism. People to other places to fish because of more favorable weather. fishing in Nepal is also attracting a lot of tourists.

Price list of fishing equipments in Nepal

01: Fishing rod price in Nepal start from Rs 2500 per set
02: Fishing net price in Nepal start from Rs 5000
03: Fishing hook price in Nepal start from Rs 20 per pcs

All about Fishing tourism in Nepal
Nepal is fast developing as a favorite spot for fishing tourism. With so many lakes and rivers, there are huge opportunities for sports fishers to indulge in their favorite hobby. There are around 185 species of fish in the various water bodies in Nepal. The most sought-after fish is the golden Mahseer. The fresh Himalayan waters are home to many other species of fishes like trout, catfish, Murrei, rainbow trout, common trout and crap. The crap is one of the largest fishes which can weigh many kilos.

Nepal fishing trip is best undertaken during October – November or from February to May. These are also the season for trekking and hence people can combine both the activities during their visit to Nepal. Pokhara’s lakes with their crystal-clear waters are fine spots for fishing. There are also opportunities for fishing inside the Bardia wildlife reserve, Chitwan national park, and Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve in Sunsari.

The best places to catch the golden Mahseer is Sunkoshi & Karnali. The other places are the rivers Betrawati, Indrawati, Trisuli and Koshi. These rivers offer you a chance to fish using the short bamboo sticks like the locals when you are rafting or canoeing. There are also some ethnic groups whose lives are dependent on fishing. The life on the hills and Terai region of Nepal.

Fishing with them will help develop the community while you enjoy your freshwater fishing in Nepal. I think you are clear here about fishing business in Nepal. if you need even more detail on fishing trip in Nepal contact local tour organizer Kathmandu and enjoy traditional fishing in Nepal.

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